You May Need A Coach To Get You Where You Want To Be

Written by Allan Katz

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Coaches expect to serve as a resource, confidante and mentor, but don't want clients to let themselves get intorepparttar position of needing coaching as a dependence thing or a fix. You arerepparttar 102054 one who will findrepparttar 102055 answers. Coaches just try to provide a clearer map than you may have had inrepparttar 102056 past.

Is coaching consulting? No,coaching is more about helpingrepparttar 102057 client to learn to make good choices than about giving advice. Coaches help you discover and considerrepparttar 102058 various alternations, but you are always inrepparttar 102059 driver's seat withrepparttar 102060 decisions. In coachingrepparttar 102061 client is always inrepparttar 102062 drivers seat Coaches coach, you dorepparttar 102063 laps!

How long would I need to have a coach? Until you think you have achieved what you set out to achieve. The time frame can vary from a few months to several years as long as you feel you are getting value fromrepparttar 102064 relationship. Although we will make some firm agreements and commitments atrepparttar 102065 start ofrepparttar 102066 coaching relationship, you are free to stop coaching at any time if it is not working for you.

Leading executives, professionals and entrepreneurs are quickly discoveringrepparttar 102067 personal and professional benefits that coaching provides.

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Allan Katz is Editor of the web site and To Be Coached Newsletter. He is a 21 year veteran retail loyalty marketing coach and the author of the book, "The Complete Guide to Retail Loyalty Marketing."

Aiding Angry Allies

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

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Those who wilt and turn inward usually punish themselves, whether anyone else or not.

Let's spin ourselves three times and skip-to-my- Lou forwards. Even if we understand howrepparttar angry person got angry, is it wise to form a partnership or marriage with such a one? That person needs help, but isn't going to take it from you, and for sure not until she or he wants to look atrepparttar 102053 ugly sore again.

So don't date, don't marry, don't even get close to an angry person unless you are a glutton for pain, or else you haverepparttar 102054 strength to wrestle an angry animal down until it's healed.

What it takes to heal an old wound is;

1. take a good close, curious look at it,

2. confrontrepparttar 102055 person who caused it originally, and expressrepparttar 102056 hurt,repparttar 102057 pain suffered,

3. whetherrepparttar 102058 Cause repents or not,repparttar 102059 woundee must forgive, set aside that event by giving it to God to redeem, and believe that good will now come out of it.

But old habits of quickly lashing out or self- beating will die hard, and if you arerepparttar 102060 friend that is going to stick it out for a woundee's sake, don't expect to coast just yet.

Brace yourself. You'll get scratched and wounded too, but if you are braced and remember to deal with each wound while fresh, you are a strong and noble character, and God called you a Blessed Peacemaker.

May your tribe increase!

*(Proverbs 22:14 NIV).

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ruth Marlene Friesen, makes friends everywhere, just like her alter ego, the heroine of her novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses. Discover the secrets of intentional friendship that transforms lives at Subscribe to RoseBouquet to drink refreshing rose dew! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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