You Just Sell Some Ebooks Don't You?

Written by Stephen Richards

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This isrepparttar difficult bit, you can join as many traffic exchanges as you like, but in my opinion, you are wasting your time. The visitors you get will be low quality, that is to say thatrepparttar 146114 chances of them wanting anything from your site will be poor.

The real answer is that holy grail, search engine traffic. You could use Google's Adwords, but you had better keep a very close eye on what's going on, I recently took my eye off an Adwords campaign that I made a small change to, 24 hours later it cost me an extra $60 in exchange for 10 leads. That is an expensive lesson to learn when you are supposed to be making money not losing it.

The safest way is to study Google's guidelines then take a visit to my home page at and findrepparttar 146115 button for Easy Submit and Meta Tag Analyzer, userepparttar 146116 free tools to find out where you are loosing out in your Meta Tags. That will help a little but you need to do a little more yet.

The key to success with all search engines is quality content. The best content will drawrepparttar 146117 best results.

You need to have products that they will be willing to buy from you, before they will buy from you they need to trust you.

To help your visitors trust you, stop selling them! That is to say, do your very best to explain why they can't be without your products, but don't beat them overrepparttar 146118 head with logic. Get them passionate your product, create a desire,repparttar 146119 rest will happen.

Finally you need to have them come back and buy from you again and again if possible. That is whererepparttar 146120 list that you built with samples and teasers. That list is your ticket to back end orders and repeat business.

So what did I specialize in? Answer: Webmasters eBooks and inrepparttar 146121 world of real books Motivational Books and Rare Books.

I hope this gives you an idea ofrepparttar 146122 challenges, some ofrepparttar 146123 possible solutions and of course, where to get more information onrepparttar 146124 subjects :-)

Here's to your site and your success

With a love of books, a background in IT and a desire to build a big business, Steve has developed a number of websites, partnered with some of the internets best known characters and developed his own products. It's time to share the knowledge and help others.

Real Estate Feasibility Study - $1.2 Billion Developer Tells You How To Do One

Written by Colm Dillon

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The extra $100,000 acts as a safety buffer as you are only pricing off non-detailed preliminary design plans.

Now. let's say it’s your intention to sell all these town homes at a profit, so you have allowed some marketing costs to cover sales commissions, brochure printing etc. in your feasibility study.

At this stagerepparttar biggest figure isrepparttar 146113 sales commission and so you have been out talking to agents and so you have a good idea that your figures are OK.

At this stage we have wrapped up all ofrepparttar 146114 "major" costs exceptrepparttar 146115 finance costs or interest on you borrowed development finance.

By now, hopefully you will have bought my e-book, and know how to go about seeking development financerepparttar 146116 correct way and notrepparttar 146117 dumb way.

So you will not only knowrepparttar 146118 best interest rate, but more importantly, haverepparttar 146119 correct type of loan and onrepparttar 146120 correct “terms” – you knowrepparttar 146121 small print stuff.

At this stage everyone I teach wants to buy a software program so that they can get allrepparttar 146122 calculations done “easy like.”

Well I have a problem with that – I know, and believe, that for you to get to know your development intimately, you have to go torepparttar 146123 trouble of doingrepparttar 146124 feasibility study figures manually - it is only adding, subtracting and multiplying some figures.

It is not difficult andrepparttar 146125 benefit is that you get to “know”repparttar 146126 importance and interplay of each figure onrepparttar 146127 end result, being profitability.

So a simple spread sheet broken up into months on an XL is all you need.

In month one you buyrepparttar 146128 land for $286,500 and associated costs of say, $21,700 so you enter a figure of $310 ($308,200 rounded up to $310,000 – you have added a bit of safety in this one item)

Note: never userepparttar 146129 full figure allways round up and take offrepparttar 146130 last three zeros - so $310,000 becomes $310l; $3,500 becomed $3.5 and $800 becomes $8. This makes it easier to read and creates less mistakes.

You then spreadrepparttar 146131 design costs acrossrepparttar 146132 page to reflectrepparttar 146133 negotiated deal you did withrepparttar 146134 designers.

Thenrepparttar 146135 construction costs – marketing costs and so on. You can divide these individual costs up into a many smaller items as you wish.

Butrepparttar 146136 real thing you are doing is setting out your best estimate ofrepparttar 146137 flow of cash that is required fromrepparttar 146138 Lender and also from your own equity funds -repparttar 146139 Cost Cash Flow.

Once you have these figures spread acrossrepparttar 146140 page you add then vertically for a total monthly figure – and also horizontally for each item total.

Hopefullyrepparttar 146141 big development cost total inrepparttar 146142 bottom right hand box is equal torepparttar 146143 vertical and horizontal totals.

It is – great; go torepparttar 146144 top ofrepparttar 146145 class.

Earlier I mentioned that you will have concludedrepparttar 146146 terms of your development loan.

Well, let’s say thatrepparttar 146147 Lender has agreed to lend you 80% of your costs. This means you have to provide 20% from your own capital resources.

Having gotrepparttar 146148 monthly totals you can now calculate 80% of each figure, because this isrepparttar 146149 amount on which you will pay interest.

It is these figures that you now calculate interest on each monthly cash flow and arrive at a total cost ofrepparttar 146150 finance for your development.

You now addrepparttar 146151 total interest figure torepparttar 146152 Cost Total and arrive at what we callrepparttar 146153 Total Capital Cost of your development.

There are a total of about 44 item headings that make uprepparttar 146154 Cost Side of a Feasibility Study.

Next time I concentrate onrepparttar 146155 Income Side.

Author & $1.2 Billion Real Estate Developer, Colm Dillon, Has Written The Best Selling & Only 'How To' E-book, "Residential Development Made Easy," With Readers in All States in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and 79 other Countries. His independent web site is

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