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Success Is Not Something That Just "Happens" To You, YOU Have To Make It Happen!!!!

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If someone like me that come's from a poor oriented family, that all that we've been thought is to work 40hrs. a week to make ends meet and still not have enough, believe it or not it becomes a way of life thinking that you can't succeed just because every one around you doesn't. I'm very grateful to have found, acctually I got to give thanks to GOD for putting Stone Evans in my path in order to openrepparttar 147740 doors of a world I thought it was out of my reach. So I encourage you to followrepparttar 147741 steps that I took and best assured you'll be thanking him too!!!

From The Author, Berenice Cervantez

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The Big Dream Life

Written by Marc Romero

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“A JOB”. Onrepparttar way torepparttar 147732 kitchen, you find your little ones peeking aroundrepparttar 147733 corner in attempt to give Daddy a good morning “BOO”. You decide to play along and act really surprised when they jump out even though this isrepparttar 147734 everyday routine. At this point, you see your wife walking downrepparttar 147735 hall with a smile on her face and greet her good morning with another kiss. You have breakfast with your family then head torepparttar 147736 office (first door torepparttar 147737 left). You check a few emails make a few calls then call it quits forrepparttar 147738 day. After this hard days work ( ha ha) you decide to take your family on a surprise trip to Sea World. They are excited when they hearrepparttar 147739 news and begin packing forrepparttar 147740 trip. Onrepparttar 147741 way out you decide to checkrepparttar 147742 mail and find a nice check made out to you for $18,578.63. You handrepparttar 147743 check over to you wife; she looks at it and says “not bad for a weeks work”. You both chuckle and head to your destination.

Now that’s what I call living! Please take this dream and expand on it, don’t letrepparttar 147744 ups and downs of life come crashing down on your dream and kill it forever. You deserve to live it so LIVE IT.

Marc Romero has been involved with Network Marketing for over 10 years. Along the way the only thing that has kept him going when things got rough is the burning desire to live a life similar to the one above. For free information on how to make your dream become reality visit: Home Business

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