You Have A Great Idea, Now How Do You Sell It?

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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4. Structural Persuasion:

How do you persuade people? It's simple! By meeting their needs and aspirations, which is not always so simple. Persuasion is not a science, but an art. Art is a form of expression and so is presenting an your selling idea. The most critical part isrepparttar entry orrepparttar 127429 beginning. First impressions are important in any part of life. Presentation is no exception. In everything that you communicate, whether it'srepparttar 127430 first sentence in your copy orrepparttar 127431 first thought in your presentation, you must be concerned with that vital step. In today's "advertising congested" world, you must fight to get your presentation noticed. That's whyrepparttar 127432 first words and visual stimuli are so important. You must literally capture your reader or viewer immediately.

So what aboutrepparttar 127433 rest. Try starting out with a rough outline ofrepparttar 127434 presentation with titles and subheads for each part ofrepparttar 127435 presentation sequence. Think aboutrepparttar 127436 toughest questions that will be asked and supply them withrepparttar 127437 answers. The more doubt a client has,repparttar 127438 less likely they are to believe in what you have to say. Always know what you are doing and where you are going with it. Know whererepparttar 127439 client is and how to get them where you want them to be. Be organized and sequential. Do things step by step and byrepparttar 127440 numbers. Forrepparttar 127441 best results, learn to organize your thought processes and develop good organizational habits. Your layout and presentations will reflect this.

5. Solvingrepparttar 127442 Problem:

What'srepparttar 127443 problem? The problem, or should I say problems, are "needs and answers". Clients have needs. Knowing what those needs are is an essential factor in solvingrepparttar 127444 problem. You can't present a solution without first knowing that they have a need for one. You must also providerepparttar 127445 client withrepparttar 127446 answers, answers to questions they haven't asked. If you can fillrepparttar 127447 "needs" and answerrepparttar 127448 "questions" you can "Solverepparttar 127449 Problem"!

Remember: Salesmanship = Strategy + Structure + Style - Doubt

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Hardcore Sales Vs. The Relationship Part II: Building A Relationship With Your Prospect!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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Staying low-key and creating an atmosphere of "no- pressure" is imperative. Remember; portray confidence, not arrogance. This is what Relationship Selling is all about. You want your prospect to feel at ease, not backed up into a corner waiting to strike out at whatever you have to say.

Above all, learn how to handle and deal with rejection in a positive manner. If you have carried yourself confidently explained allrepparttar details and they tell you "no sale", it may be that they were not a good prospect inrepparttar 127428 first place. It could also mean that they are indeed still a good prospect and they simply don't know it yet.

Next week, I'll pass on some techniques used inrepparttar 127429 process of relationship building and selling. Until then my friend work hard carrying yourself with confidence and honesty.

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