You Have A Future On The Internet

Written by Vic Damone

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Thankfully and very important to my survival in this new electronically-driven era, there are companies that cater to people just like me. I realized that I didn’t have to know what inrepparttar world things like html or java script were, I just neededrepparttar 135848 help of people who did! I found a place where, depending on my situation and needs, I could host a website of my own with allrepparttar 135849 tools and gadgets I would ever need to successfully operate my own e-business! With shopping cart integration, bandwidth based upon need and traffic flow, banners and logos to suit my needs, and even help with customizing my first few pages, this place had everything I could ever need!

I always knew that I wanted to own and operate my own business but I never dreamed I could do so usingrepparttar 135850 Internet and working from my home. Now, I have access to every single person onrepparttar 135851 planet already connected torepparttar 135852 Internet with thousands plugging in every day! To thrive, not just survive, in this Internet-driven world, it is absolutely critical that you are part ofrepparttar 135853 game because otherwise it WILL pass you by!


Effective Web Search with Google’s “My Search History” Tool

Written by Nowshade Kabir

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Is this feature something new?

This is actually not a new feature onrepparttar Internet. This service of Google has striking similarity torepparttar 135754 one already existed on Meta Search tool Other search engines like and little know also have some thing similar incorporated to their systems. A9 also has a feature called “Discover”, which along with your search results recommends sites relevant torepparttar 135755 query. The My Yahoo Search test released in October also enables users to save, share and post notes on their own search results.

Privacy issues

There is always a reason to be concerned when your Internet activities are tracked and kept by any company. However, Google has taken several steps so that a user can have total control on how he exploits this service. First, you have to log on in order to use this feature. Your log in status is visible allrepparttar 135756 time onrepparttar 135757 Google home page. If you can see your account name on top right side ofrepparttar 135758 page, this means you are signed in. If you don’t want certain searches to be tracked by Google, you have two choices. Either you can suspendrepparttar 135759 service for a while by clicking onrepparttar 135760 “pause” button or just log off fromrepparttar 135761 service. You can also erase search results from history page by clicking on “Remove” link. Combination of all these mechanisms will allow you to keep your searches private and protected. However, if you are overly concerned about privacy, you better refrain from using this feature.


Most of Google’s features carry great values for users. The personalization of search processes using “My Search History” allows you to get a better search experience. It’s a significant leap towards creating an ideal search system. The benefits of this feature for Google are also enormous! Almost all of Google’s revenue comes from search ads. Naturally, Google’s ability to provide more refined search results to users will allow vendors better targeting their market niche. They would spend substantially more if they could show ads to users based on their past search history. But, Google claims that at this moment it is not planning to post any ads on your history pages.

No doubt, this is an interface that many of us have been waiting for quite a while. However, its impact onrepparttar 135762 future of search engines remains to be seen!

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