You Have A Beautiful Body - Don't Hold It Against Me

Written by Martin Avis

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o Use short, direct sentences.

o Use active, rather than passive verbs.

o Never talk about yourself - always put it fromrepparttar reader's point of view.

o Wax lyrical aboutrepparttar 134747 benefits, never concentrate on features.

o Ensure that you communicate your Unique Selling Proposition -repparttar 134748 point that sets you apart from your competitors.

o Keep torepparttar 134749 point. If you remain focused, so will your reader. If you wander all overrepparttar 134750 place and try to cover too many different topics, you will lose them.

o Build up your story. A good standby is AIDA. Get their Attention, build Interest, stimulate Desire, call for Action.

How long should your body copy be? Good question. The answer is that it should be as long as it needs to be. Write it all down, followingrepparttar 134751 AIDA formula, keep to benefits, then revise what you have written down by 25% - cutting out as many unnecessary adjectives and adverbs as you can. Then, no matter if it is 100 or 1000 words long, it will berepparttar 134752 right length.

Is this all about web sites? No, it applies to anything you write: letters, press ads, radio/TV commercials, sales presentations - even a best man's speech can benefit from AIDA. Keep writing, keep practicing, and talk fromrepparttar 134753 heart.

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Internet Tip - Honor Your Viewers

Written by Maria Marsala

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Bonus: This program provides an on line, fill inrepparttar 134747 blanks form, that produces HTML code you've requested for your re-direct page. It's by who calls it a jumper page program.

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