You Don't Have to Like Your Body to Love It!

Written by Lori Radun

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3. Special Treats Sometimes you give your loved ones special treats to show you love them. You donít give them everyday because then they wouldnít be special. Your body needs special treats too. Treat yourself to a massage, a facial, new clothes, or a mocha latte every once in awhile. When I was a teenager, my mom and I used to go running onrepparttar local school track. Afterwards, we went to this awesome ice cream shop and treated ourselves to a scrumptious sundae. We didnít overindulge allrepparttar 147275 timeÖjust once in awhile. Special treats help banish feelings of deprivation.

4. Grace How many times does your loved one say ďIím sorryĒ? And how many times do you forgive him or her? We all need grace at times, and so do you when it comes to taking care of your body. Maybe you do really well on your diet or exercise plan for two weeks, and then you fall offrepparttar 147276 wagon. For one whole week, you donít exercise and you donít follow a healthy eating plan. Thatís okay! Forgive yourself and get back on track. You donít have to completely abandon your plan because you didnít follow it perfectly.

5. Have Fun! Taking care of and loving your body doesnít have to be drudgery. Have fun! Find new low-fat recipes that contain your favorite foods. Adjust your attitude toward your health and your body. Exercise is only boring if you view it that way. Find activities you love that exercise your body. When I was in Las Vegas this past month, I was taking a walk in a local family park. I watched a dad and his two children havingrepparttar 147277 time of their life. They were riding their bikes and dad was leadingrepparttar 147278 way. He created an obstacle course that requiredrepparttar 147279 kids to ride in circles, up and down ramps, overrepparttar 147280 grass, and around various walkways. They were laughing and having a blast, while exercising their body. This dad knewrepparttar 147281 value of adding fun to a healthy routine.

So, hereís to good health and loving your body even if you donít like it!

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Tattoo Safety

Written by David Z

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Your tattooist should wear disposable rubber gloves during tattooing procedure. All items such as ointment spreaders and wiping rags should be disposable as well. The tattoo studio and tattooist's equipment and working area should be absolutely clean and sanitary.

Also make sure each customer get a fresh set of needles, andrepparttar tattooist dipsrepparttar 147274 needle into a small cap filled with pigment from a large squeeze bottle. Ifrepparttar 147275 needle is dipped into a large jar or bottle of pigment, you are sharing body fluids with other people who have been tattooed with that batch of pigment.

When it comes to tattoo safety, use your common sense as well:

Isrepparttar 147276 tattoo studio clean?

Are tattoo supplies kept in a sterile receptacles with lids?

Doesrepparttar 147277 tattooist wash hands a lot?

Doesrepparttar 147278 tattooist use latex gloves when working on other clients? and do tattooist change gloves when they touch something else duringrepparttar 147279 procedure?

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