You Can Write Ezine Articles If You Can Write Three Sentences

Written by Brian Moore

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Finish each supporting sentence yourself. Don't try yet to be fancy. Just say what you like to do.

There - you have just written your first paragraph. It won't fit into your inaugural address so handily, but, likerepparttar inaugural passages, it IS a complete, logical paragraph.

Here's another example. Noticerepparttar 129916 wayrepparttar 129917 paragraph flows fromrepparttar 129918 topic sentence torepparttar 129919 supporting sentences. Both supporting sentences relate torepparttar 129920 topic sentence.

Topic sentence: Here is how I love to eat apple pie. 1. First I warm a generous slice for sixty seconds inrepparttar 129921 microwave. 2. Then I dip a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on it and dig in.

Now that you've written a paragraph, on another blank sheet of paper write three ideas for topic sentences. Never mind whether they are complete sentences with subjects and verbs. For now, just jot down ideas.

Next, dorepparttar 129922 same thing for your supporting sentences, number 1 and number 2. Try to make each idea relate torepparttar 129923 topic idea. Work fast and save making up complete sentences for later.

Polish up your piece by making each idea a complete sentence, or at least a complete thought. When you're finished, think of a title for your article - oops, did I say, "Article"? Practice this skill now, and you're on your way to writing a workable ezine article.

An article can be structuredrepparttar 129924 same way as a paragraph. Get your ideas assembled on blank paper. Your first paragraph becomesrepparttar 129925 topic paragraph, and each paragraph that follows, a supporting paragraph.

Now do me a favor. Go back through this article and countrepparttar 129926 sentences in each paragraph. You'll find it is structured in three-sentence paragraphs -repparttar 129927 very way I've shown you.

In reality this technique works great in most cases. At other times shorter or longer paragraphs will fit better. You berepparttar 129928 judge, as long as each supporting sentence relates to its corresponding topic sentence.

Finally, research some ideas for an ezine article. Write them down in a logical sequence and construct three-sentence paragraphs. That's all you need to begin your writing career.

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Written by Bob Osgoodby

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One great source of ideas is articles that are out of date. Many people, for example have written onrepparttar subject of how to submit your web site torepparttar 129914 search engines to get a high ranking. Conditions change so rapidly in this regard, an article could be written several times a year on this subject alone. What was true just a few short months ago may not be today.

The web is a dynamic place that is constantly changing. Not a day goes by that there is something inrepparttar 129915 newspaper that could spark an idea. Just this week I read an article about discount web sites for airline tickets. Another article talked aboutrepparttar 129916 disparity between urban and rural areas for web access. Still another comparedrepparttar 129917 number of minority households that had computers - and yet another talked aboutrepparttar 129918 "Spanish Market".

The ideas are there, and if you keep a log of them,repparttar 129919 next time you sit down to write one, you should have a never ending supply. If you get an idea, simply write downrepparttar 129920 title ofrepparttar 129921 prospective article.

Many times, asrepparttar 129922 article develops,repparttar 129923 original title may not be appropriate. But, even if you do changerepparttar 129924 title for your current article, keeprepparttar 129925 old one. Who knows - a year from now it may light another spark.

A search ofrepparttar 129926 web on quotes is a fertile place to look. "Power Quotes" by Kevin Eikenberry - - has a wealth of information. Dr. Kevin Nunley - is an idea factory. There are others like them that should be on your required reading list.

When doing research forrepparttar 129927 current article you are writing,repparttar 129928 web is a fertile place to look. Always keep a paper and pencil handy, and if you get an idea write it down. Keep that same pad and pencil next to your bed. If you get an idea, don't trust your memory to write it down inrepparttar 129929 morning.

Surprisingly, when I started this article it was going to be about advertising, but afterrepparttar 129930 first paragraph, I found myself writing something far afield from this. Guess that will have to wait for another time.

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