You Can Write Ads Too

Written by Raymond Johnston Jr

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This is one way to getrepparttar creative juices flowing. Most people have a difficult time getting new ideas for ads. Using other successful or appealing ads as a guideline, can sometimes get you overrepparttar 101243 hump and started towards writing your own successful ads. Don't just substitute your product or business idea into another ad and leave it at that, make it your own work.

Advertising is such an important part of your online business, so spend some time and work on your ad writing abilities. With a little practice, you will be amazed atrepparttar 101244 thoughts that start flowing.

Raymond Johnston Jr is a semi retired advertising executive. He is a published poet and writer and is the editor and publisher of Money For Hire Ezine. You can contact Ray through his website at

Playing With the Big Boys ≠≠ How to compete with chain stores

Written by Alvin Apple

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* Shoppers often create a comfort zone of buying from stores that have everything. They know what they are going to find there, and that means they donít have to takerepparttar time to search. However, many people shop because they enjoy it. Always knowing what you are going to find can be boring. Ashley's store offers mystery. People wonít receive a catalogue that shows everything they would see if they went torepparttar 101242 store.

* Although Ashley's store is not atrepparttar 101243 same economic level asrepparttar 101244 larger chain stores, she should make her business as recognizable as possible.

One way to do that is hire a designer to create a logo that represents your business. Many companies spend millions of dollars making their logo familiar torepparttar 101245 public. One could also include a jingle or an original piece of music in commercial spots; something a viewer can become familiar with.

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