You Can Lose Weight on a High Carbohydrate Diet

Written by David Snape

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This is whyrepparttar low carb diets work, with little to zero carbohydrates and subsequently glucose to work on,repparttar 131484 fat will be used for energy. This is exactly whyrepparttar 131485 high carb diet works too. When no or little fat is present, it won't be stored as fat.

In addition to this, it is important to realize that it costsrepparttar 131486 body quite a bit of energy to take carbs and store them as fat. This alone is actually a positive. There really needs to be some form of fat present to make it easier.

This should help you understand that whatever your diet consists of, if you want to remain or get thin, you need to avoid mixing fats and carbs together. A fat consists of a fatty acid head and a carbohydrate tail. This means when you mix your fat and carbs together you are asking for trouble, assuming you care about weight, that is.

So now it should be clear why so many people in North America have a weight problem asrepparttar 131487 NIH was happy to point out a few weeks ago. Think aboutrepparttar 131488 typical American diet. It generally consists of lots of combinations of fat and carbs.

As Dr. Neal Barnard points out in his book, "Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight", It is fat that makes people fat.

Don't want to be a vegetarian? I don't blame you. Really, you don't have to be one. Just quit mixing your proteins/fats and carbohydrates together.

Don't overlookrepparttar 131489 obvious, there is ton of candy and desserts out there that are a mixture of fat and sugar. Meat and potatoes - perhaps this classic is a serious blunder in seperating proteins/fats and carbs. Armed with this knowledge, you can probably come up with dozens of examples of potentially fattening mixtures of food on your own.

This article is for information only. It is not intended to prescribe, treat or diagnose any health problem. Consult your physician before changing your diet.

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Try semi-skimmed milk and then progress torepparttar fully skimmed. Ignorerepparttar 131483 slightly grey colour and enjoy its increased calcium and vitamins compared torepparttar 131484 greasy un- skimmed product. Vegetarians should also be aware that many vegetable-based products could be as heavy in fat as those that are meat based. Biscuits are generally very high in fat, typically around 25% but much higher again if chocolate coated. The problem with biscuits is that you can easily take in a substantial part of your daily calories without feeling as though you have eaten anything but a few mouthfuls. If you need a snack have some fruit instead or low fat yoghurt.

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