"You Can Help Reduce the Number of Unwanted Cats - Spaying and Neutering of Cats"

Written by NS Kennedy

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One ofrepparttar biggest benefits of spaying/neutering is that it dramatically reducesrepparttar 139352 cat's risk of developing cancers ofrepparttar 139353 reproductive system. A female cat spayed before her first cycle, or heat, has a greatly reduced chance of mammary cancer. Less than a decade ago, conventional wisdom dictated that pets should be neutered at between 5-7 months of age. Recent studies have found that it is not only possible to spay/neuter cats at a younger age, it actually is better for them. Today, cats undergo spay/neuter procedures at about 7 weeks of age. They recover much more quickly than if it was done later, and ensures that a female does not become pregnant with her first heat.

Inrepparttar 139354 past spaying was limited for a number of reasons

* It was better to let a female cat give birth to one litter of kittens before spaying. * That female cats in particular, might later develop incontinence as a result. * That certain behavioral problems might result.

However, these theories have since been disproven.

Inrepparttar 139355 past, animal shelters and humane societies sent unaltered cats/kittens to their new home because they wanted them to start their new life as soon as possible. Usually, owners signed documents promising to haverepparttar 139356 animal neutered. Some facilities took it upon themselves to follow up with phone calls to make surerepparttar 139357 owners were living up to their commitment. The overwhelming number of animals coming and going in a shelter today makes this unfeasible. Instead of allowing their charges to add torepparttar 139358 overpopulation problem, most animal welfare/adoption groups routinely spay and neuter animals before they are made available for adoption. A number of municipalities have passed laws so that no animal can leave a shelter unless it has been spayed/neutered.

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Can One Simple RecoveryPets.Com Pet Tag Mean So Much?

Written by Thaddeus Collins

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Having one simple pet tag from RecoveryPets.Com means that you will never have to replace it if your contact information changes, because they provide unlimited contact information updating forrepparttar life ofrepparttar 139234 pet. The pet tag isrepparttar 139235 most recognizable form of identification for pets, and withrepparttar 139236 web address onrepparttar 139237 tag, ifrepparttar 139238 pet is lost,repparttar 139239 finder has immediate access torepparttar 139240 owners contact information.

The advantages listed above makes this simple pet tag from RecoveryPets.Com mean so much to pet owners that want to ensure that their pet will be returned to them if they should ever become lost. To get more information onrepparttar 139241 global pet recovery services provided by this company, please stop by and visit their website at: http://www.recoverypets.com.

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