You Can Chew to Lose Weight

Written by Cassandra Germsheid

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Helpful hint: Your stomach is a little bigger than a loose fist. Your meals should berepparttar same size. Think about when you feed a baby. You never give them more thanrepparttar 139045 size of their fist, so why wouldn'trepparttar 139046 same rule go for adults?

If you take smaller bites and eat slower, you will be taking in less air. If you take in less air, you will burp less. If you burp less, you won't embarrass your partner inrepparttar 139047 mall, like my husband does to me!

By changingrepparttar 139048 way you eat (literally), you will train your body's digestive system to be more efficient and your stomach will let you know when you are full.

Interesting note: A study has been done to show that your body can lose up to 11 pounds of fat each year by chewing sugar-free gum. That's almost a pound each month!

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Finding the RIGHT Diet Pill

Written by Amy S. Grant

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Step #4: Try it for yourself. Take advantage of free samples, and see results for yourself. Everyoneís body chemistry is different, so trying a product will give you an idea of whether a particular pill works for you personally. Actually trying a supplement for yourself isrepparttar best way to evaluate whether itís right for you.

Step #5: Track your results. By tracking your results, youíll know which products are working for you. Itís a good idea to record your starting weight, body measurements, body fat percentage and BMI (your gym or your doctor can do all of these for you). Remember that fat weighs more than muscle, sorepparttar 138990 scale alone may not reflect allrepparttar 138991 changes your body is experiencing. Keep a journal of your stats and also record how youíre physically feeling Ė this will enable you to determine whether your overall energy level is improving.

Of allrepparttar 138992 products we reviewed, one stands aboverepparttar 138993 rest in meeting these five guidelines: NiteTrim. The company offers a free 30-day supply, which can be found at

By followingrepparttar 138994 five steps above, you can ensure that you findrepparttar 138995 weight loss supplement thatís right for you, and youíll be on your way to a healthier, leaner you!


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