You Can Build it, But Will They Come?

Written by Alan Stewart

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Imagine this, your one link, on a hundred websites, five hundred websites, a thousand websites. Sounds to good to be true?.. It is true. This is a brand new service, from a good friend of mine. Afterrepparttar initial setup, there isbasically nothing you need to do. You don't have to check links every week or monthly, because they are still there. You don't have to surf aroundrepparttar 128091 Internet looking and emailing for links. There are only two requirements. One,you have to be able to access your cgi-bin on your server. Andrepparttar 128092 second requirement is, you have to like money. Honest, that is all that is required. Let me briefly explain howrepparttar 128093 system works. You signup, and create your link that you want for your site. Instantly, your link is transmitted to all themembers sites. You don't have to wait a week, or a month, it is almost as fast as blinking your eyes. Whenever a new member signs up,repparttar 128094 same holds true for them. Their link will automatically show up on your links page also. Now, here isrepparttar 128095 best part. You can actually make money from your links page. You can charge whatever amount you want, for a paid advertiser on your site. You get to keep allrepparttar 128096 money. You can also put Google AdSense Ads and Click Bank Ads on yoursite. Your link page will also have a search engine on it, for people to use.So they don't have to ever leave your site, while surfing. You also get paid if someone should sign up forrepparttar 128097 service, thru your website. There is another service sort of similar to this onrepparttar 128098 Internet, but they don't have allrepparttar 128099 "extras" that Shared Link Traffic has. Plus they are more than doublerepparttar 128100 price. You are probably saying right now, "ok how much does this cost?" Before I tell you, make sure you are sitting down.. you have your seat belt on, brace yourself now... it is only $3.98. Thats right, only $3.98 per month, and you are not tied into any long term contracts or anything. You can find out more by visiting Shared Link Traffic and clicking onrepparttar 128101 Join button.

Alan Stewart operates a "how to" site, called Web Tools Resource. Many how to tutorials on different aspects of web design, from beginner to advanced.

Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 6: Human Testing

Written by Mary Davies

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The placement of your content is equally important. If you are selling something obviously you want it offered as easily as possible, and you don't just want it to be available - you want to sell it. There are many ideas to consider when deciding onrepparttar placement of certain content. A great read that really showsrepparttar 128090 way a visitor looks through your site can be found at Taking a look through this information can give you lots of tips to work with in deciding on product and special offer placement etc. Inrepparttar 128091 above-mentioned article you will be able to seerepparttar 128092 way an average visitor views a website,repparttar 128093 pattern in which their eyes followrepparttar 128094 information,repparttar 128095 advertising positions that are most effective, etc. This is a great resource for you and your company.

Quite possibly one ofrepparttar 128096 most useful tools available is found at This tool will show you allrepparttar 128097 very specific details of how visitors are navigating your site. This tool is many steps above your typical web stats, it will show you details so specific that you can not only seerepparttar 128098 search term a visitor used to find you but what search engine they came from andrepparttar 128099 path they followed through your site right down to which search term is sellingrepparttar 128100 most on your site. This highly detailed information can be an incredibly valuable tool for you. With access to such info you can, over time, adjust your content, navigation, and SEO based on these reports - watchingrepparttar 128101 changes happen and seerepparttar 128102 effects not just make good guesses.

The value of having an average visitor test your site and get real feedback is huge. You have no choice but to be a little biased when viewing your own site and this outsider information can give you tips that you may have only wished you had. Don't put your site out there and wonder what allrepparttar 128103 visitors are thinking and doing, just ask! You may even go as far as having a poll included on your website, so long as it's not popping up every time they click a link. A simple "we welcome your feedback" email form on your contact or profile page would be a professional simple way to keep up with whatrepparttar 128104 visitors are liking or disliking on a continuous basis.

Next Week

Now that your site has been designed, had SEO elements added, tested and edited, you are ready to submit it torepparttar 128105 search engines and get those visitors coming. Stay tuned forrepparttar 128106 next article in this 10 part series "Submissions".

Mary Davies is the owner of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning. Mary works and writes with years of experience in website design and search engine optimization.

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