You Can't Hit Your Target, If You Don't Pull The Trigger!

Written by John Colanzi

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The master agreed immediately.

Asrepparttar master andrepparttar 124008 stranger were measuring each other forrepparttar 124009 kill,repparttar 124010 master became baffled byrepparttar 124011 strangers odd style.

The doubts started creeping in. What is this a new style I've never seen.

As time went onrepparttar 124012 master kept noticing openings inrepparttar 124013 strangers defense. The doubts kept building.

It must be a trick, as soon as I attack an opening, he'll counter and send me to my death.

Finally after what seemed an eternity,repparttar 124014 master attacked and easily destroyed his opponent.

That wasrepparttar 124015 fateful day he startedrepparttar 124016 "No Mind" school.

He realized you have to pullrepparttar 124017 trigger without thought, beforerepparttar 124018 doubts creep in.

Give your dreams a chance. Set your goal ... Take aim ... Fire.

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How to Rid Yourself of Stress at Work

Written by Lisa van den Berg

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They both hadrepparttar same job, but definitely notrepparttar 124007 same attitude torepparttar 124008 job.

If you can find absolutely no way to love what you currently do, find what it is that you do love to do and do it!


Start saying 'Thank you' as opposed to gossiping. Learn to see and appreciaterepparttar 124009 good in those that you spend an average of 8 hours a day with. When you turn your thinking around to having an 'Attitude of Gratitude' instead of one of drudgery and complaint, everything gets better. You will begin to draw people toward you and get help and recognition for all you do fromrepparttar 124010 most unexpected sources.


Have you ever noticed how one person can say something to you and you immediately fly into a rage? Yet another person can say basicallyrepparttar 124011 same thing and you laugh? This shows that we are responsible forrepparttar 124012 way in which we react to outside circumstances. We choose to react in certain ways, to certain people, events and situations. Isn't that amazing? It means that if we choose not to get upset by what someone else says, we don't have to? Cool!

It also means that we can realize how to talk to others in order to create a win-win situation. If you know saying something a certain way gets a certain reaction out of someone, then you can choose to inflame or soothe, aggravate or stimulate. Wow, what a difference awareness makes.

If you could do with an injection ofrepparttar 124013 Joy of Life, why don't you try these techniques? You'll get confused looks for a while but when people realize that you're actually a lot happier and stress free than you used to be, they'll be clamoring to learn your 'secrets'

Go on, tell them what you've discovered and before you know it, you'll all love working with each other, every day!

Namasté Lisa van den Berg

Lisa van den Berg is the author of Alleviate-Stress - How to WIN at the Game of Life! She also publishes a weekly e-zine 'Empower Your Life!' that's filled with tips and techniques that will help you live the Life you deserve. Subscribe now at !

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