You Can't Do It Alone - Top Five Benefits of Asking for Help

Written by Claudette Rowley

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- Get to yes. If you don't ask,repparttar answer is always no. I attended a conference where a film maker shared her experience of making a documentary aboutrepparttar 101854 women leaders ofrepparttar 101855 world - presidents and prime ministers. When asked by an audience member how she went about asking these leaders if she could interview and film them, she said, "If I didn't ask,repparttar 101856 answer was always no."

- Watch "No" turn into "Yes." Even if you hear "no" asrepparttar 101857 answer to your initial request, you've planted a seed in that person's mind by asking. Don't be surprised when he or she comes back to you and says, "This is what I CAN do for you..."

- Developrepparttar 101858 skill of receiving. As a coach, I often hear, "It's easy for me to help others, but I don't feel comfortable asking for help." Most of us internalizerepparttar 101859 lesson, "It's better to give than receive." Receiving is just as important as giving. The ability to receive fully and gracefully is a skill to develop like any other. When you receive, you give othersrepparttar 101860 opportunity to give.

As an entrepreneur, you arerepparttar 101861 captain of your ship. But as any successful leader knows, it takes all hands on deck to secure a successful voyage. You can't do it alone. Recall anyone you've heard about who's successfully realized a vision. I can guarantee that individual asked for and received assistance in achieving his or her success.

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How to Handle Stress by Managing your Levels?

Written by Craig Lock

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Possible action plans are as follows:

1. EXERCISE regularly. A healthy, flexible body makes for a healthy, alert mind. Being physically active stimulates energy levels inrepparttar brain (throughrepparttar 101853 chemical serotonin, or something like that) and allows an outlet for your frustrations.

2. Keep BUSY; this takes your mind offrepparttar 101854 problem. It isrepparttar 101855 best antidote to deal withrepparttar 101856 problem, instead of worrying about it.

3. Take time for yourself to RELAX, MEDITATE and VISUALISE. Don't let trivial problems build up and getrepparttar 101857 better of you. A quiet body is more prone to recovery and health than an angry one.

4. Keep a positive mental attitude (P.M.A), that you will overcome your stress. Your attitude will determine your thoughts and how well you cope with life: "As I think I am." Your attitude beats facts every time. Haven't I said that phrase before?

5. Watch your DIET carefully. Eat plenty of healthy foods: fruit, fresh 'veggies' and vitamins (especially B and C). Cut down on stimulants, like caffeine and nicotine; both these are drugs that build up your resistance. Also cut down on sugar, fats and your salt intake.

6. COMMUNICATE with a person close to you. Open your heart to those nearest and dearest to you. Don't suffer in silence. John Donne said "No man is an island unto himself." (And a few women too!). Set aside specific times to communicate and talk honestly. Share your thoughts, worries, feelings, dreams, disappointments and problems... and doesn't life have enough of them!

7. Let go of your EMOTIONS. Cry if you want to. It's natural and wil lhelprepparttar 101858 healing process. This applies to "macho" men also, who are socialised to keep their emotions inside.

8. Pray to God forrepparttar 101859 answers to your stress problem, if you are religious, or "a spiritual" person . You WILL getrepparttar 101860 answers via your subconscious mind, your intuition - our connecting link with our Creator, a Supreme Being, Spirit, Higher Self (or whatever you understand God to be).

Finally, 9. Keep your sense of HUMOUR and be HAPPY.

Craig Lock "Information and Inspiration distributor"

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