"You Can't Direct the Wind but You Can Adjust the Sails"

Written by Christophe Poizat

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It takes time to fully master allrepparttar different rules and principles of life,repparttar 144790 Great Pyramids of Giza were not built in a day after all. It is a visible sign reminding us all ofrepparttar 144791 astounding results that can be accomplished with vision, determination and persistence. This is exactlyrepparttar 144792 same behavior we want to apply in our ITSM practice if we are to get results ofrepparttar 144793 same magnitude.

What we have to do is studyrepparttar 144794 founding principles of success and get better at applying them effectively inrepparttar 144795 real world: onrepparttar 144796 IT battlefield. It's a fact: we need to get better at mastering ITSM strategies that lead to higher levels of success.

Regardless of our level of success, both individually and as a team,repparttar 144797 #1 critical success factor to accomplish this is determined by our ability to identify and processrepparttar 144798 information that will give usrepparttar 144799 leverage that we lack to reachrepparttar 144800 next step and thus enable greater success. The most efficient and fastest way to increase our success is throughrepparttar 144801 adoption of behavioral patterns that will create more and more success for us. It pretty much works like a snowball effect:repparttar 144802 first step is to get started torepparttar 144803 best of our knowledge and abilities. It can always be improved inrepparttar 144804 course of time. That decision is ours to make. No one else can make it for us! In my monthly newsletter, I discuss how it all works: how states of mind and behavioral patterns are intimately connected and how one does influencerepparttar 144805 other greatly, be it in a positive or...in a negative way.

Christophe Poizat is a highly committed ICT professional with excellent communication skills developed over 20+ years on some of the largest and most challenging projects (Europe, USA, Australia). Visit http://itsm-made-easy.com and find a new source of inspiration to take your IT capabilities to another level.

Brainstorming Secrets

Written by Steve Gillman

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You keep it civil, take notes, and eventually call a halt to this free-for-all part ofrepparttar session. Now it's time to evaluate and developrepparttar 144789 ideas for whatever usefulness they may have.

To keeprepparttar 144790 creativity flowing in this stage, have participants defend or develop ideas that are not their own. This brings new insight torepparttar 144791 idea, and preventsrepparttar 144792 problem of ego-identification that causes people to get "stuck in a rut" with their own ideas.

For example, askrepparttar 144793 man who was critical ofrepparttar 144794 idea of not delivering to work with that idea. "We have to deliver," he might start with. Then he thinks for a second and says, "I suppose we could deliver to central distribution points instead of torepparttar 144795 individual customer. The customer could drive a short distance to pick up their order. That might save us on shipping."

Someone else suggests thatrepparttar 144796 customers may likerepparttar 144797 arrangement. They would be able to returnrepparttar 144798 product immediately if they were dissatisfied, with no need to pack and ship it. You assign a couple people to look into it, and move on torepparttar 144799 other ideas.

Good leadership keepsrepparttar 144800 whole process working. Inrepparttar 144801 last example, you've even used a "bad" idea to come to a possible solution. That's good brainstorming.

Steve Gillman has been studying brainpower enhancement, creative problem solving, and related topics for years. You can visit his website, and subscribe to his free Mind Power Course, at: http://www.IncreaseBrainPower.com/mind-power.html

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