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Written by Kim Olver

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A second consideration is simply that there are major differences in how men are in relationships compared to how women are. Women generally donít understand men becauserepparttar men donít act like women and similarly, men donít understand women because they donít act like men. And since a woman has never been a man and a man has never been a woman, how does each learn about these important differences? John Gray researched and wrote about these issues in his book, Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus. But I would say thatrepparttar 144937 majority of people in relationships donít takerepparttar 144938 time to learn about these gender differences. It is easier to point a finger and blamerepparttar 144939 other person for his or her ďirrationalĒ behavior.

As mentioned earlier, a third area of growth is learning how to manage conflict. There are time proven methods for resolving conflict that we donít learn in school or from a book. There are ways to actually hear each other in relationships. By placingrepparttar 144940 relationship FIRST in importance, these methods can be implemented by couples to greatly improve their satisfaction.

There is so much to learn about satisfying relationships that your parents never showed you. Please donít become one ofrepparttar 144941 statistics of divorce or perhaps worse, stay in a miserable relationship to honor your marriage vows while having so many regrets about your life asrepparttar 144942 time ticks away.

Take charge and take control of your life. Learn some new ways to improverepparttar 144943 relationship you are already in or to prepare yourself for being a better, improved partner forrepparttar 144944 next person in your life. Contact Kim at 708-957-6047 or email at about relationship coaching or take onerepparttar 144945 many Teleclasses scheduled onrepparttar 144946 Events Calendar at Donít wait until it is too late.

Kim Olver is a licensed professional counselor and a life/relationship coach. She helps people unleash their personal power by living from the inside out, focusing their time and energy on only those things they can control. She also helps people improve the quality of their relationships with the people in their lives. For further information about Kim visit her website at or contact her at (708) 957-6047.


Written by Kenia Morales

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Until,repparttar day that I was watchingrepparttar 144827 five oíclock news;repparttar 144828 news lady said a local doctor pleaded guilty to child molestation charges; and guess what? You know it, his picture was onrepparttar 144829 news and now I just stood alone frozen in my living room unable to pick my jaw back up. Once I recovered fromrepparttar 144830 state of shock; I was thankful that my girls were never left alone with him. Not even for a second. But, I could not help but, think that my intuition was right and that I did not listen to it. I felt as if it crept back up on me and was now saying: I told you so!

Now, I understand that even if some feelings, thoughts etc, cannot be rationalize there may be a reason for it and even If I decide to dorepparttar 144831 opposite; I will be sure to paverepparttar 144832 way with caution.

I suggest that you donít wait for a life turning event to listen to your intuition I was lucky it was not one of my daughters. But, I do regret placing them next to some one that my inner self did not approve of.

Intuition is there to help you,

Kenia Morales

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