You At A Dead End? Look Deeply Into My Eyes!

Written by Richard Vegas

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I can hear someone saying now, poo poo I'm not going to talk to some silly picture. I'm not a nut. Ah…….you talk to things allrepparttar time. Sure you do. Don't believe it? Stop yourself next time you find yourself saying to your computer, why aren't you working right you sorry piece of junk?

Talking to a computer, how crazy can you get? But, yeah, we talk to things allrepparttar 117447 time, but mostly inrepparttar 117448 negative vein. So, let's start talking to things that will help to shape our future inrepparttar 117449 direction we want and not pay any attention torepparttar 117450 nay-sayers that would make you feel silly.

So, What do you really want?

Do you want to go aroundrepparttar 117451 world in 80 days? You want to play in a James Bond movie? No, well how about lassie? Nah I'm kidding. No matter what your dream is, you will find that it will materialize through visualization and imagery much easier.

Rolling Snowballs uphill?

Yep, that is what it is like to try and materialize your goals and ambitions through happenstance or some kind of hokey-pokey. You have heardrepparttar 117452 slogan, "whateverrepparttar 117453 mind can conceive and believerepparttar 117454 mind can achieve." Well, it's really not your mind; it's your body that doesrepparttar 117455 work. But, your mind can make your body's work much easier.

In fact, if you don't learn to use your mind and emotions you will put excessive and undue stress on every muscle in your body. Stress will cause all kinds of illness. Like ulcers and tape worms. :>)

This is a strong statement, but, I have found out from many years of business, that things just go much easier when my mind and emotions are congruent with my activities. When your mind and emotions get out of sync withrepparttar 117456 forces ofrepparttar 117457 Universe that bring health, prosperity, and success, your life will be miserable.

Ok, here is your homework. I'm going to tell you a technique that is very powerful and effective. Find your image that you feel deeply about and creates powerful emotions inside you.

Then, find a quiet place sit down get comfortable, close your eyes and see that image floating inside of your mind. If you don't have an image, use powerful words like; success, prosperity, health, healing, so-on, and see those words floating into your mind and let them surge allrepparttar 117458 way through your body. Feel it going through your body. Keep doing it till you feel electricity like sensations surging through you. You will. Guaranteed.

Don't underestimate this. Some ofrepparttar 117459 simplest things in life arerepparttar 117460 most effective.

Richard Vegas © 2002

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Stuck In A Box?

Written by Al Martinovic

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Try some different advertising and marketing techniques. Learn as much as you can how to market onrepparttar internet from books, online courses, your upline etc.

Studyrepparttar 117446 big marketers onrepparttar 117447 internet. See what they are doing, what tools they are using, how they write sales copy on their websites, where and how they are advertising etc.

Don't be afraid of change! You will find not only yourself growing as a person by doing this but your income as well.

And... speaking of growing.... you know that little kitten I was talking about?

Well... he's now a cat... and his name is Damien... and he's been a joy in my life for four years now.

I helped him out of his box and in turn he helped me out of mine.

I hope he can dorepparttar 117448 same for you!

Happy Marketing!

Al Martinovic is the owner of I Need which markets membership into the OTDirect Buyers Club so smokers can Save/Make money.

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