You Are Disciplined to Train, But Do You Have Training Discipline?

Written by Matt Russ

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If you are sick, overstressed, or generally feel like you need a day off it is best to take it. Always considerrepparttar quality of your work out. If you are just going throughrepparttar 113056 motions and do not haverepparttar 113057 energy to complete your work outs as prescribed, rest would be more beneficial than additional stress.

It is important to have a written plan. A plan is not a general recommendation but a deliberate course of action. You should be able to see your progression from block to block. The “close enough” attitude is not a good habit to get into. It is better to haverepparttar 113058 satisfaction of completing your work out as prescribed. Try not to make too many adjustments during your work outs. If you do need to change your plan or miss a work out make sure you adjust your other weeks to compensate.

Training discipline means having a good plan and sticking to it. It means training smart, not just hard. If you are confused about your training consult with a licensed coach. Often a one hour consultation can get you onrepparttar 113059 right track.

Matt Russ has coached and trained athletes around the country and internationally. He currently holds licenses by USAT, USATF, and is an Expert level USAC coach. Matt coaches athletes for CTS, is an Ultrafit Associate, and owner of

Relieving Stress with Exercise... and Losing Body Fat in the Process!

Written by Jamie Clark

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Whilerepparttar effectiveness of these products has yet to be proven, there is little doubt that controlling cortisol levels is a very important factor in weight loss and long-term weight control -- not to mention optimal health and fitness. Relieving stress with exercise is an absolutely fool-proof way to lower cortisol inrepparttar 113055 body.

Elevated cortisol levels are fully or partially responsible for everything from sugar and carb cravings to overeating to low energy levels... and more. Experts also believe that high cortisol production increasesrepparttar 113056 amount of "toxic fat" stored on your body -- this isrepparttar 113057 abdominal fat that may trigger cardiovascular disease and inflammation-related health problems.


Relieving stress with exercise is, without a doubt,repparttar 113058 best way to deal with your physical and mental tension. Not only will regular exercise reduce stress levels, it will also help you control how much cortisol your body produces. This, in turn, will help you to avoid food cravings, reduce dangerous abdominal fat, and basically feel much better. So, next time you feel stressed out, get up, get out, and start relieving stress with exercise!

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