You've Got To Be Joking!

Written by Michael Hopkins

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So what'srepparttar moral ofrepparttar 108465 story?

Well there are three of them:

MORAL# 1: Free ebooks are a terrific way to promote any online business. You can read more about that in a previous article called "Are you usingrepparttar 108466 4-letter word?" which is available here:

MORAL# 2: People like jokes! Humor is always in demand and, yes, a lot of people are willing to pay for it.

But here's a tip if you plan on selling joke ebooks -- don't make a general "101 Jokes" ebook. It would sell some copies, but not enough. A far better approach is to target SPECIFIC audiences.

Instead of '101 Hilarious Jokes To eMail Your Friends' why not "101 Hilarious Jokes For Expectant Moms", "101 Hilarious Jokes For Lawyers With A Conscience" or "101 Hilarious Jokes For Dairy Farmers".

Okay, I admit, thatrepparttar 108467 second title wouldn't have much of a market :-), but imaginerepparttar 108468 novelty gift idea value ofrepparttar 108469 others.

Okay, specialist joke books will take you longer to compile than general joke books, but think ofrepparttar 108470 fun you'll have alongrepparttar 108471 way.

Once you've finished compiling an appropriate collection of jokes forrepparttar 108472 target market, all you've got to do is ensure that you aim your promotion atrepparttar 108473 right people and, hey presto, you're inrepparttar 108474 money!

MORAL# 3: There is an infinite number of ideas for top-selling ebooks and coming up with those ideas is much easier than you may think. And, once you know how to pluck great ideas out of thin air, your success in ebook publishing is a simple matter of promoting your ebooks torepparttar 108475 right target market.

Have fun!

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7 Steps To "Resale Rights" Riches

Written by Michael Hopkins

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If you can't find a free version, verify fromrepparttar search results where you can buy it cheapest. (NOTE: Be sure to take a look inrepparttar 108464 auction sites like to see if it's on sale there).

If you have a ClickBank nickname, then try to buy from a merchant that also uses ClickBank. To find out, just click onrepparttar 108465 order button and see if you're directed to a ClickBank order form. Scroll downrepparttar 108466 ClickBank order page. Inrepparttar 108467 bottom left hand corner you'll see (in tiny letters) a digit followed by a slash follow by a word. That word isrepparttar 108468 merchant's ClickBank nickname. Now, typerepparttar 108469 following address into your browser address bar:

By doing this, you'll save between 5% and 50% offrepparttar 108470 order price. (This will be lodged into your ClickBank account as a commission earned).

------SIDEBAR----------- If you don't already have a ClickBank affiliate account, you can open one for free here: ------------------------------

STEP 5 Once you've downloadedrepparttar 108471 ebook plusrepparttar 108472 sales page, you should evaluaterepparttar 108473 book to see what you think of it. You don't want to sell garbage to your visitors/customers/subscribers. Likewise, if you're planning to target a brand new market, then you want to get your relationship with your new customers off to a positive start (after all, you want them to buyrepparttar 108474 next hot product you stumble across ;-)

STEP 6 Personalizerepparttar 108475 sales page with your own order information. Decide what price you want to sell repparttar 108476 ebook for (ifrepparttar 108477 author gives permission to resell at 'any' price). Set up your own order link (using ClickBank, PayPal, or whatever). Then send it online to your web server. Avoid using free hosting services as these tend to diminish your credibility (see here for an article on how I host brand new domains for free: ).

STEP 7 Launch your marketing blitz! The quicker you can get your product out to as many people as possible, repparttar 108478 more money you'll make. Target it to your existing customers and/or reach new target markets. There's no shortage of information out there on how to market your product, so I won't get into all that here.

Whatever methods you use, make sure you use your money to targetrepparttar 108479 right audience. There's no point in advertising your insider guide to saving money on life insurance in an ezine that's aimed at 16-year old video-gamers.

And there you have it!

An easy and enjoyable approach to generating short-term surges in income that will turn into steady , longer-term flows of cash. The overall investment is usually small, andrepparttar 108480 potential returns are very big indeed.

Try it out today. Keep your eyes peeled for great deals and act quickly when you spot them!

Happy hunting!

Michael Hopkins is owner of BizzyDays eBook Publications. Visit now to download original ebooks for FREE at: This article first appeared in Michael's newsletter 'Ebook Times'. To subscribe visit:

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