You're standing between two clouds...

Written by Michelle Jacobson

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If you want to receiverepparttar promises of good from God, then make sure and read His word more often. In 2Timothy 2:15 we're told to study God's word. This isn't just browsing through a couple of verses a couple of times a year. This isrepparttar 138844 complete changing of your mind from thoughts of darkness to thoughts of light.

Do you want health, prosperity, wisdom, and family well-being? These only come from God Almighty. They won't falter or crash. There are no underlying thoughts of taking advantage of you. There is only love because God is love (1John 4:16).

Agape love isrepparttar 138845 God kind of love. It's a sure thing. It's unconditional and unemotional. It just is. God loves you. It's not short-term or temporary. It's not going to change. God wants to have a growing relationship with you.

Many people walk inrepparttar 138846 cloud of darkness and blame God for it. Don't be one of them.

God doesn't want you to turn againstrepparttar 138847 good because you're deceived. He doesn't want for you to walk further and further intorepparttar 138848 dark cloud and blame Him for it. Make sure that you don't!

Find out exactly what's inrepparttar 138849 deal for you! God brings life. Satan bringsrepparttar 138850 exact opposite, death. God wants a real relationship with us so He gave usrepparttar 138851 right to choose.

This is continual. Allrepparttar 138852 time you can makerepparttar 138853 decision to turn from God and walk inrepparttar 138854 cloud of suffering and death. You constantly choose!

Make today a day for more good! Walk inrepparttar 138855 light! Think, say, and do as God does!

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-Michelle Jacobson

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The Kolbrin – Ancient Warnings Of Modern Threats

Written by Marshall Masters

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Founded atrepparttar beginning ofrepparttar 138751 3rd century BC,repparttar 138752 Library of Alexandria wasrepparttar 138753 largest inrepparttar 138754 world at that time. It was burned during Julius Caesar's invasion of Alexandria (47–48 BC). According torepparttar 138755 Roman Philosopher and Author, Aulus Gellius (123–169)repparttar 138756 "sack" of Alexandria resulted inrepparttar 138757 destruction of 700,000 scrolls;repparttar 138758 pitiful few that survived only whet our regrets over this tragic loss. Oddly,repparttar 138759 same fate nearly befell The Kolbrin.

Some theorize thatrepparttar 138760 Egyptian scrolls in The Kolbrin were taken as booty duringrepparttar 138761 11th century Crusade and secreted away by Saxon monks atrepparttar 138762 Glastonbury Abbey in England for safekeeping. However, much of The Kolbrin was lost when arsonists set fire torepparttar 138763 Glastonbury Abbey in 1184. Luckily, some ofrepparttar 138764 original manuscripts were written on thin sheets of bronze in an effort to protect them from destruction. These bronze sheets were kept in copper-clad boxes and known as The Bronzebook of Britain. They were later combined with another collection, called The Coelbook, to become The Kolbrin.


Some ofrepparttar 138765 driving principles of The Kolbrin were recently echoed inrepparttar 138766 last-rites declaration of Pope John Paul II on April 2, 2005. "The unforgivable sins this earth must confront and overcome are Nationalism, capitalism, and hoarding. The idea of every nation should be forgot, price should be struck fromrepparttar 138767 commons and princes should be seen forrepparttar 138768 devils they are. The sins include our church, secret societies and other religions which make ofrepparttar 138769 spirit of God a divide."


The need to study The Kolbrin is urgent, because it warns us of a long period object called “The Destroyer” that is soon to return. Despiterepparttar 138770 lack of present day scientific verbiage,repparttar 138771 accounts contained in The Kolbrin ofrepparttar 138772 last flyby event are factually prescient and help explain current perturbations in our solar system. More importantly, The Kolbrin offers us new hope by telling us how humanity survived and evolved beyondrepparttar 138773 last flyby of “The Destroyer.”

For those on a limited budget,repparttar 138774 publisher offers a special low-cost edition inrepparttar 138775 Mobipocket format. Also, most local libraries will acquire a copy ofrepparttar 138776 print version upon request.

---------- The Kolbrin: Your Own World Books, First Edition Learn More: Free Samples: Marshall Masters, The Kolbrin Citation System Janice Manning, Editor

Marshall Masters is an author, publisher, Internet radio host, and former CNN science features news producer. His titles include Godschild Covenant: Return of Nibiru, Gold Fever, Indigo–E.T. Connection, and Orange Blossom. He also developed the Kolbrin Citation System to help encourage collaborative analysis of The Kolbrin, a Biblical-era document, published in both print and electronic versions.

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