You're Published! Now How Do You Tell The Readers?

Written by Michael LaRocca

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Next, workrepparttar local media. Newspapers, radio, and signings at local bookstores. Once that's generated enough interest -- and again I assume your novel deliversrepparttar 129677 goods -- you can take a shot at national coverage.

My next suggestion involves writing contests. I don't know about you, but I usually buy every book onrepparttar 129678 Booker Prize Short List. Likewise,repparttar 129679 first ebook I ever read was an EPPIE winner. I don't know how many people dorepparttar 129680 same, but certainly more than enough to justifyrepparttar 129681 effort. Some contests even offer cash prizes.

It stands to reason that some awards are more prestigious than` others. Winning "Bubba's Book Award" probably won't help sales.

Entering contests is something that you should coordinate with your publisher. Some contests don't allow author entries, and certainly you don't both want to enterrepparttar 129682 same book. If there's an entry fee, be realistic about your chances of winning, and consider how many sales you must generate to pay that entry fee.

I keep a small but growing list of book contests at

I also believe that anyone selling anything should have, atrepparttar 129683 very least, a free website. As I started with ebooks, I consider it mandatory. As an author, of course I also write a newsletter.

To receive my article onrepparttar 129684 strategy involved in setting up your website, send a blank email to

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Written by Meredith Pond

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Once there are a few people out there that know you, start writing articles on your chosen area of expertise (try to make it somewhat broad so you don't run out of things to write about). Post your articles to sites like, Opportunity, and Aside from that, you can join all sorts of distribution lists on that allow you to send and receive articles among list members. A lot ofrepparttar people on these lists also have their own newsletters, and will often use your material.

Your articles should be informative and useful, not promotional. Makerepparttar 129674 article unbiased and full of great information, and people will read it. Make sure you include a short by-line paragraph atrepparttar 129675 end saying who you are, what you do, and how to contact you, without hyping things up. Just be sure to leave all mention of those things in this BRIEF paragraph-- talking yourself up inrepparttar 129676 article will only make you look desperate, not smart.

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