You're Fired!

Written by Sheldon Reiffenstein

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"Mr. Trump, that wasnít my idea. Dick thought that one up." "Dick, are you going to take that, let him lay that one on you? Where did that sign come from?" "The ship made it." "Now, come on Dick, I know it came fromrepparttar White House. And another thing, whatís withrepparttar 125960 language inrepparttar 125961 Capitol, telling a senator to go f*** himself? You guys promised to bring character back torepparttar 125962 White House, and you use language like that. I could fire someone onrepparttar 125963 spot for talking like that in any of my companies. And you did it in full public view. Donít you think that was a lapse in judgment?" "I felt good afterwards and I donít apologize for it." "No, I guess you donít. You two donít think you should apologize for anything do you?" "Well, Mr. Trump, we are onrepparttar 125964 side ofrepparttar 125965 righteous on this and no we donít need to apologize for keeping America safe." "George, thatísrepparttar 125966 problem. I get back to my earlier question, how is America safer with Saddam gone, Osama still onrepparttar 125967 loose, Al Qaeda recruiting faster than our army can, our ports, airport security, borders all under-funded. Potentially any terrorist could walk up Fifth Avenue with a suitcase bomb in his hand and set it off. And you have us up to our necks in Iraq over some revenge thing against Saddam Hussein. You could have letrepparttar 125968 inspectors go back in, forced Hussein to comply, by gettingrepparttar 125969 whole international community to pressure him. But, no you had to go it alone." "Mr. Trump, if I had to Iíd do itrepparttar 125970 same all over again." "Even knowing what you know today?" "Yes, I would. The Iraqi people are free, a terrible murdering dictator is in jail"... "At what cost? How many Iraqis are dead since your invasion? About 20,000. How many more will die before this whole thing is over and our troops are out of there? Yes, Saddam killed half a million of his own people and that is terrible. But look at Sudan, what are we prepared to do there? How many North Korean civilians have been murdered by their government? How many Tibetans byrepparttar 125971 Chinese? I could go on. The point is there are lots of dictators who should be put in jail and their people freed, but we canít do it all. 20,000 Iraqis dead since our invasion, and what do we have to show for itÖ1,000 American soldiers dead, Saddam is in jail and we have no idea how to fixrepparttar 125972 situation, or how weíre going to get out." "But we canít leave now." "Yes, youíve made sure of that with your adventure. But, what I can do is find someone else to take over and get us onrepparttar 125973 right course, get our respect back and actually make us safer"...he pressesrepparttar 125974 intercom button... "Please sendrepparttar 125975 two Johns in here." He looks atrepparttar 125976 two men sitting in front of him. "I have to say it...George, Dick, youíre fired."

Sheldon is a freelance writer with a Political Science degree. His recent book "Liberal is NOT a Four Letter Word" is available online at

Giving the power back to the people

Written by Voterman

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drug plan for all Americans. Doctors, unions, businesses, along with local, state and even parts ofrepparttar federal government agree that now isrepparttar 125959 time for a national healthcare policy that includes everyone. Congress gets free healthcare, why notrepparttar 125960 American people. This one major issue affects over 100 million Americans, and that number is growing. The success of this issue will showrepparttar 125961 power of voting together, one major issue at a time, which will affectrepparttar 125962 success of other major issues Americans face in their daily lives. For those who donít vote; now you have a major reason to. isrepparttar 125963 place where young, old, and anyone in between, can have their voice heard and their vote counted.

ďAt, Americans can vote to let congress know exactly what they want and hold them accountable for their actions. ďIt shouldnít matter who is in office. Congress should be doing whatís best for all Americans instead of whatís best for corporations, special interest groups, and themselves. Voterman wants you!Ē

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Voterman is a real live superhero dedicated to uniting the American people to vote together,in order to get what they need and deserve from their government.The idea of Voterman came from the suffering and sometimes dying of the American people when it doesn't have to be this way.The ceeation of was established in 2003 as a place where Americans could get unbiased information on the issues they face in their lives everyday and vote together to make their lives better.

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