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Written by yatin patel

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One ofrepparttar most notable trends seen now isrepparttar 108216 increased use of Spam emails that are attached with viruses. The virus-to-email ratio grew worse during 2002-2003, mainly because many home users and small businesses don’t keep their security up to date,repparttar 108217 report notes.

Although viruses causedrepparttar 108218 most immediate damage to corporate networks in 2002,repparttar 108219 threat of Spam is rising, as well. In November-2002, this surge peaked, with one in three emails identified as Spam. MessageLabs predicts that Spam will continue its exponential growth into 2003 – 2004.

The Players andrepparttar 108220 Terrain One of my co-workers, Robert, was watching me opt-out from a Spam email list, and he said, “Don’t do that, you are about to confirm that your email address is valid and you will get more Junk email” that makes me really think, how wild isrepparttar 108221 world?

Let us first recognizerepparttar 108222 two forces inrepparttar 108223 cyber-land betweenrepparttar 108224 lobbyists forrepparttar 108225 Direct Marketing Association and other advertising entities that want spamming to continue, and Internet advocates who want spamming to cease. Some ofrepparttar 108226 advertising folks are willing to secede from their forced occupation, agreeing that a recipient might haverepparttar 108227 right to “opt out” from getting Spam. Internet advocates say this continues to putrepparttar 108228 cost on ISPs and individuals. Many want to return torepparttar 108229 days when Spam was what Hormel meant it to be: canned meat.

On a good note, in response torepparttar 108230 growing anti-spam movement, legislators have taken action. Their efforts are reflected inrepparttar 108231 several anti-spam laws being considered in state and federal legislative committees. Several of these laws will affect telemarketing and email marketing efforts with nationally recognized Do-Not-Call lists and stiff penalties against unsolicited emails. These impending laws have many marketers concerned. Their fear is thatrepparttar 108232 proposed legislation will be far reaching and bring an end to legitimate marketing campaigns.

Legitimate marketers should not fear this legislation. These laws will ultimately help increaserepparttar 108233 effectiveness of marketing campaigns and will help increaserepparttar 108234 response rate to marketer’s emails.

Finally, Walkingrepparttar 108235 Line Between email and Spam How do you differentiate your message from everyone else’s? It might be tempting to add bells and whistles to get emails noticed. Meanwhile, users find themselves facing a lot of choices in their in-boxes each day, with more to come. Jupiter recently predicted that by 2005,repparttar 108236 average U.S. online consumer would get as many as 950 email messages—every day.

Getting people to say “yes” to marketing emails and then getting themrepparttar 108237 messages that are most likely to make them buy is a thriving industry of its own. On one end ofrepparttar 108238 spectrum are tailored email newsletters that deliver news, information or other content that people have specifically requested, together with advertising messages. Way over onrepparttar 108239 other side ofrepparttar 108240 line is where you’ll find unsolicited bulk email full of annoying, hard-sell pitches.

Somewhere in between isrepparttar 108241 random email from a Web merchant you bought from long ago, reminding you that an online buying opportunity still exists on its site. Now there goesrepparttar 108242 challenge of showing how good marketing skills you have, if you can walk that line.

By Yatin Patel Published in September 2003


How I Increased My Ezine Readership Overnight!

Written by Marc Howlett

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Become A Jester :)

Give your subscribers a little humor now and then. Don't be so serious, tell them a joke. If they associate your e-zine with being happy they will want to read every issue.

The Information Free-way

People love to get free stuff. Tell readers were to get free stuff online or offline. It could be software, services, sample products, e-books etc. The freebies should be related to your e-zine's topic. Keeprepparttar freebies coming and your subscribers will keep reading!


Tell your subscribers about Web sites related to your e-zine's topic. The web sites should be interesting and helpful. Become your readers miniature "Yahoo", you know how many readers they get.

In Our Next Issue...

Get your subscribers excited about your next issue. Tell them about upcoming articles, prize drawings, freebies etc. If they know what's in store for them, they won't want to miss reading your next issue.


Marc Howlett currently usesrepparttar 108215 Plug in Profit Site to build a residual income. Do you think you have what is takes?


Aged 32 with 2 children, I have over 12 years of sales experience and have been focusing on an online income for 6 months with excellent results.

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