Yoda Speaks! 5 Success Secrets of the Master Jedi

Written by Donna Monday

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So don’t worry about starting out small with few resources. That will not determine your success. Your belief in yourself will.

“The dark side is quicker, easier, more seductive.”

What isrepparttar dark side of online marketing?

- MLM scams, pyramid schemes, get rich quick opportunities, SPAM

Yoda knows that we are easily lured and tempted by offers fromrepparttar 145220 dark side.

Who of us has not been tempted byrepparttar 145221 idea of easy wealth and more freedom to enjoy our lives, while lazily sitting around and doing nothing of value to earn it?

Beware ofrepparttar 145222 dark side. It will lead you to a life of empty promises and even emptier pockets.

“No! Try not . . . Do or do not. There is no try.”

- Make up your mind to take action!

You always hear people say, “I’m going to try to do this or that.” The word TRY is very wishy-washy. It allows us to have an escape hatch from taking any action. For Example:

You’ve got a great idea for a web business that you’re really excited about. You’ve done your research and found it’s a perfect little niche area that won’t require a lot of start up time or money.

You’ve talked your idea over with several people and they’re all very enthusiastic and can’t wait to see it up and running.

You’ve registered your domain name and foundrepparttar 145223 perfect host forrepparttar 145224 site. Now all that’s left is for you to fill your web pages up with interesting content and your product pictures.

The next day you sit down at your computer and you . . . hesitate.

You’re frozen by self-doubt.

Finally, you convince yourself that your idea isn’t going to work after all. Oh well, at least you tried . . .

Tried to what? Get started?

Yoda is advising his Jedi to not letrepparttar 145225 word TRY be a part of their thinking. There is onlyrepparttar 145226 action word of: Do

You either DO something allrepparttar 145227 way or don’t do it at all.

Mayrepparttar 145228 force be with you.

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Building Your Home Based Business Website

Written by Charles Fuchs

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Another important part of your home based business website that you want to put a great deal of though into isrepparttar content. You’ll wantrepparttar 145219 content to speak to your customers in an conversational, informative manner. And website experts suggestrepparttar 145220 more pagesrepparttar 145221 better. When you’re first starting out five to ten pages is probably enough, but you will want to add torepparttar 145222 content as you go and frequently update your content with news and information to give your home based business website visitors a reason to come back. If you’re sitting there screaming, “But I can’t write!” Relax. You can hire professional website content copywriters on outsourcing websites like Elance and Guru to developrepparttar 145223 content for you for quite affordable rates. It’s money well-spent to haverepparttar 145224 best content possible for your home based business website.

All of these, along with a merchant account, are essential for a successful home based business website. However, there are some other things that you will want to consider for your home based business website such as:

Opt-in newsletter Shopping cart if you’re going to be selling merchandise Autoresponder Affiliate program Email courses Free offers

And don’t worry if all of this website building stuff sounds confusing or difficult to you. A good website developer or a few nights searchingrepparttar 145225 Internet for information on building a website will clear everything up for you—or lead you torepparttar 145226 right company that will build your home based business website for you, from beginning to end. Just make surerepparttar 145227 company has a great reputation. You may be running your home based business from your basement, but that doesn’t mean your website has to be anything less than perfect.

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