Yesterday I Wept

Written by Val k

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To say that I was crushed or devastated or even dejected would be an understatement. I felt I should pack my things and flee torepparttar moon. Maybe I should wait when commercial space flights begin and Tommy Lee Jones sets up a lunar resort. (I hear he bought a piece of space there for a dollar.)

Now I wept not because I lost her. Far from it. I had seen it coming. But I wept because she never realized I really loved her. Love is like that—a most mysterious thing.

Does my story sound familiar? You who loved and was not loved in return? That high school or college crush who thought nothing of you? That gorgeous guy at work whom barely notices your presence? That lady whose looks are enough to make you go “weak inrepparttar 136466 knees,” and who wouldn’t give you an audience because she has “the world at her feet?” If you happen to fall in any of these positions know this: you are not alone. For there are millions, no, billions like you, all overrepparttar 136467 world, who want to be loved.

Love hasrepparttar 136468 power to turn things around. It can endure a lot of insults. Here I rememberrepparttar 136469 story of a woman, who despite being hated by a man will always be nice to him. In fact,repparttar 136470 man did every thing he could to inflict pain on her—even embarrassing her inrepparttar 136471 presence of her friends. Anyway, she stuck to him like glue. He felt she was a pest (call her a tenacious roach). He tried every trick he could to stop her from being around him. Yet she wouldn’t go away. Inrepparttar 136472 end he saw her as a better person. And he couldn’t help but love her. (Who wouldn’t?)

Now are you as enduring as that woman who worked hard—very hard—for her love? Are you willing to forgive like many others who didrepparttar 136473 same and wept yesterday like me? And today they smile!

Val K is a poet, and a nature lover. A collection of his poems "Without a Name" will soon be published by AuthorHouse, U.S.A. For personal contact, send mails to:

Val K is a poet and a nature lover.

The Undeniable Power of a Mastermind Group

Written by Murray Hughes

Continued from page 1, originally created by Matt Gill and Kevin Wilke is an excellent example of a mastermind group in action. I have watched as these guys have grown and continue to grow their Internet marketing empire to one ofrepparttar most profitable and innovative online today. They embracerepparttar 136304 mastermind principle torepparttar 136305 point of actively creating programs that bring new talent into their group.

Joint ventures are probablyrepparttar 136306 most common kind of online mastermind group where an arrangement is made between 2 or more parties for mutual benefit. For instance, I may have a product that would be of use torepparttar 136307 people in your mailing list. We put our minds together and come up with a way that I can send my offer out to your list and we both make some money or receive other benefits as a result.

In all walks of life and any endeavorrepparttar 136308 Mastermind is a formidable force. If you haverepparttar 136309 opportunity, associate yourself with like minded individuals and great things will be made possible.

Written by Murray Hughes

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