Yes, You Can Use Hyphens in Your Domain Name: It Makes Them Easy to Read.

Written by Syd Johnson

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A domain name as well as an online business is a long term proposition. You might have to put a bit more effort into your upfront marketing efforts, but don’t be afraid to use hyphens in your domain name. If it’s easy to read, memorable and enhances your online image, hyphens can add torepparttar lasting appeal of your domain name.

Remember thatrepparttar 108244 purpose ofrepparttar 108245 domain name is to make sure that customers remember your web address when they need to get information or buy a product. Anything that is easy to read easily wins out over a long jumbled mess of letters.

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How Cybersquatters Make Money from Your Children’s and Your Own Innocent Flubs

Written by Anti Spam

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There are multiple ways in which typosquatters may turn typos into revenue. When surfers mistype popular URLs, squatter companies throw up ads in hidden browser windows, making money off of ads few people see. As a consequence, companies such as AT&T Corp. and The New York Times are paying for ad impressions even thoughrepparttar ads are buried. Finally, when visitors try to close their browsers or otherwise leaverepparttar 108243 web site in question, there is one more attempt at monetizingrepparttar 108244 mistake. Another browser window usually pops up, with a different web site’s name. This one contains more advertisements. It’s a never ending story that sure gets onrepparttar 108245 nerves of most of us! The success of companies that practice Cybersquatter points out some serious flaws inrepparttar 108246 Internet's domain name system and in two ofrepparttar 108247 web's most prominent revenue models: Affiliate Programs and Advertising Reselling. Advertising resellers such as 24/7 Media Inc., Inc. and iBoost Technology Inc. contract with large advertisers and then automatically feed ads onto thousands of web sites. The automated method of placing ads on sites can make tracking where those ads end up a very difficult task. Needless to say, typosquatters do not think there is anything wrong with using people’s errors to grow traffic. However, it is a whole different story when typosquatting is employed by pornographers to attract children to their websites. Until now, there have been few methods of stopping pornographers and others abusingrepparttar 108248 domain name system from misleading children and adults into accessing sites masquerading as popular legitimate sites. Many adult web sites misrepresent their content orrepparttar 108249 nature of their sites by registering domain names that are intentionally confusing, using page coding designed to mislead search engines, distributing false advertising to promote site traffic, or hijacking visitors of another site. The problem is particularly serious when children are involved. Just as adults do, children get spam and unsolicited instant messages with graphic sexual images, content, or links to pornographic sites. Statistics show that 20% to 30% of traffic to adult sites is comprised of children. Many masquerade as messages from trusted friends or web sites. Children also may be tricked into visiting a pornographic site when they search for age-appropriate words or phrases on a search engine. Even if you find it hard to believe, depending onrepparttar 108250 type of marketing or advertising model used by a particular web site, there may be no incentive to filter children. In fact, targeting children may be an effective way of increasing ad revenue. The name ofrepparttar 108251 game is web site traffic where adult sites are concerned. So they cannot rely just on keywords to increase traffic. As part ofrepparttar 108252 Amber Alert legislation, typosquatting is now a crime inrepparttar 108253 United States. Porn network czar John Zuccarini wasrepparttar 108254 first person charged underrepparttar 108255 new typosquatting law byrepparttar 108256 U.S. Attorney’s office inrepparttar 108257 Southern District of New York and pleaded guilty in 2004. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. Untilrepparttar 108258 enactment ofrepparttar 108259 Protect Act (most commonly known asrepparttar 108260 ‘Amber Alert’ legislation), stopping typosquatters was a civil matter, or perhaps (under extraordinary circumstances) a consumer fraud matter. The sites Zuccarini has been found to have cybersquatted include those referring to Nicole Kidman, Backstreet Boys, Encarta and others. His manipulation of Aaron Carter's and Britney Spears' names is among his more recent abuses. Courts have already held that there is no legitimate purpose for Zuccarinin registering and usingrepparttar 108261 typo-domains other than to trade onrepparttar 108262 popularity ofrepparttar 108263 underlying domain names, celebrities and products involved.

In summary, cybersquatters and typosquatters are unethical companies and individuals that want to profit from your family’s and your own confusion and spelling mistakes. If you want to help protect your children and others online, drop by and report those who are engaged in these and other unscrupulous online marketing practices. Become a member for free and sign up to receive our Newsletters with useful and valuable information on how to handle abuses onrepparttar 108264 Internet. Also, look for more articles on related topics on our web site. You will learn how we can really make a difference by working together with consumers and companies to preserve Internet users’ freedom and privacy while promoting loyal advertising and good art on marketing practices.

The purpose of the Anti SPAM League is to help consumers and business owners reduce the amount of SPAM they receive. In addition, our Anti SPAM organization believes that educating site owners in the area of SPAM prevention and ways to successfully and responsibly market their sites, is key in making a difference.

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