Yes, I've Had Gaps In My Employment History--What Can I Do About It?

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

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5. By making sense of these gaps to and for potential new employers, you can capitalize on them to present yourself in a new light. Example: If you started a home based business while you were unemployed, but it failed, you can still be known as someone willing to take risks; someone who can see failure as something to not be ashamed of. How many employers could sympathize with you? Many, I would guess. Failing and learning from it, is a SKILL.

6. Put those unemployment gaps together Mr. or Ms Job Seeker as if you had found gold on a scrap heap. The gaps still represent you, put them in your resume and use them in an interview.

7. You might want to do these differently on your next "not working gig". Put yourself to work on your self,repparttar next time around!

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Executive Coaching and the American President

Written by Stephanie Tuia

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Becomingrepparttar 43rd president ofrepparttar 145776 United States, President Bush worked hard to be where he is at today. It is no question, that to become president, he was groomed with executive coaching throughout his years of experience in politics and business. Before politics, he was a successful Texas businessman inrepparttar 145777 oil business. In 1988, he helped his father run a successful presidential campaign to becomerepparttar 145778 41st U.S. President. In 1994, Bush was electedrepparttar 145779 governor of Texas for two consecutive terms. With a brother currently serving as Floridaís governor, President Bush has become a veteran recipient of executive coaching.

While President Bush stands asrepparttar 145780 leader of our country, it is not withoutrepparttar 145781 help of years of experience and colleagues that has helped groom his appointment as President. In 2008, a successor will take over as President ofrepparttar 145782 United States. It might be wise forrepparttar 145783 nationís next president to seek executive coaching from President Bush.

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