Yahoo Sells Its Top Positions To The Highest Bidder

Written by Sage Lewis

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This is not typically how sponsored listings have worked with other Overture partners such as AOL Search and Netscape Search. The standard approach is to promoterepparttar first 2, 3 or 4 listings from Overture and discardrepparttar 128383 rest. The consequence of this is there have been major bidding wars for these positions.

Onrepparttar 128384 negative front, consumer awareness groups, small business owners and search engine marketers are less than thrilled with this current trend. The arguments range from misleading searchers, to stealingrepparttar 128385 web away from businesses with small budgets, to just being plain lousy results.

The proponents suggest this isrepparttar 128386 beginning of a new viable business model for search engines. The free ride is over.

Either way,repparttar 128387 deal between Yahoo and Overture expires in April, states an Associated Press article. The article goes on to say, this deal... "can serve as a short-term solution for Yahoo! until it can developrepparttar 128388 sales force and technical capability to offerrepparttar 128389 paid search listings itself." Full article can be found here: echnology/story/169861p-1634746c.html

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Product Review: Robogen

Written by Richard Lowe

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I stumbled across this entirely by accident, since it never occurred to me that someone would write a program such as this. I downloadedrepparttar 30 day demonstration and quickly discovered how wonderful it is. Robogen has already saved me hours and hours of work.

Okay, here's how it works. You enter your FTP login information and log into your site. You then select robots by name inrepparttar 128382 left pane, and indicate which directories and/or files are to be excluded byrepparttar 128383 robot inrepparttar 128384 right pane.

You can create a new file or edit an existing one. Even better, Robogen will work directly offrepparttar 128385 "robots.txt" file on your web site. It will log in, readrepparttar 128386 existing file, allow you to edit to your hearts content, then updaterepparttar 128387 file directly.

I like little specialized tool such as this which truly make a webmasters life easy. The product is inexpensive (there is a limited free version as well), well documented and complete. Highly recommended.

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