Yahoo SM vs. Google AdWords

Written by Shawn Campbell

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Keyphrase comparison

I have bid on some keyphrases from February 1st to April 30th, and held them in similar positions during that time. These numbers are for search related impressions only. These campaigns were not involved in content advertising.
"Okeeffe print(s)" #3 position

1 click 8 impressions 12.5% CT rate $0.10 cost per click

Google: 63 clicks 1642 impressions 3.8% CT rate $0.13 cost per click

"Ansel Adams photo(s)" #5-6 position

Yahoo: 20 clicks 2401 impressions 0.8% CT rate $0.05 cost per click Google: 25 clicks 2529 impressions 1.0% CT rate $0.06 cost per click


Our client February Point counted emails + contact forms as conversions. Here is a comparison from February 1st to April 30th.
"Real estate Bahamas" #3 position
Yahoo: 1037 clicks 19 879 impressions 5.2% CT rate $0.34 cost per click 3 conversions 0.30% conversion rate Google: 1557 clicks 35 348 impressions 4.4% CT rate $0.45 cost per click 13 conversions 0.84% conversion rate

Clearly then, Google AdWords is a better choice if you are interested in clicks, impressions, and conversions. If you wantrepparttar lower cost per click forrepparttar 139616 same position, it would seem that Yahoo isrepparttar 139617 better choice (though conversions are lower).


- FindWhat is possiblyrepparttar 139618 third biggest pay-per-click (PPC) search engine, although there are a few that might be its equal: Kanoodle, GoClick, 7Search, Search123.

- E-spotting is very big inrepparttar 139619 UK, and competes heavily with Google and Yahoo inrepparttar 139620 PPC marketplace.

- MSN is getting ready to launch its own PPC engine to compete with Google and Yahoo (MSN currently uses Yahoo SM on its site). No date yet, but watch out for it.


To sum up, you will definitely have more control over your money with Yahoo's system. It is more open and honest, and you will pay less per click than with Google's system. Google does not tell you why you are paying what you are paying, but it does haverepparttar 139621 added bonus of rewarding you with rank for a better converting ad.

Of course, Google does get more traffic and it converts better than Yahoo, and inrepparttar 139622 end, isn't that what we're all looking for? Thus, Google should berepparttar 139623 winning choice for anyone that is looking to convert clickers into buyers. Because after all, who doesn't want to increase their sales?

Shawn Campbell is an enthusiastic player in the ecommerce marketplace, and co-founded Red Carpet Web Promotion, Inc. He has been researching and developing marketing strategies to achieve more prominent listings in search engine results since 1998. Shawn is one of the earliest pioneers in the search engine optimization field.

How and when should I submit my website to Google?

Written by Glenn Murray

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What’s more, atrepparttar time of writing, most ofrepparttar 139451 top 11 don’t actually accept submissions. The only ones that do are Google (described above), Yahoo, and MSN. Here’s a list ofrepparttar 139452 available submit pages.

  • Yahoo – (offers free submission)
  • MSN – (offers free submission)
  • Alta Vista – covered by Yahoo submission
  • Netscape – covered by Google submission
  • Fast / Allrepparttar 139453 Web – covered by Yahoo submission
  • Ask Jeeves / Teoma – at date of writing was not accepting new submissions
  • Hotbot – at date of writing was not accepting new submissions
  • Lycos – at date of writing was not accepting new submissions
  • AOL – at date of writing was not accepting new submissions
  • Looksmart – at date of writing was not accepting new submissions

TIP: My SEO copywriting and advertising copywriting website reached page 1 of for my primary keyword, “copywriter”, without a dollar being spent on search engine submission. I only ever submitted my site torepparttar 139454 engines that offer free submission.

Do I need to submit my site to other search engines?

As a rule, no.

With an estimated 8.8 billion pages indexed (approximately 76% ofrepparttar 139455 Internet), Google is number 1 when it comes to search engines. It’s argued that once Google has indexed your site,repparttar 139456 other search engines will follow. Theoretically, you don’t actually need to submit your site to Google either because it’s always onrepparttar 139457 lookout for new content and will eventually find your site of its own accord. Google actually states, “Givenrepparttar 139458 large number of sites submitting URLs, it's likely your pages will be found in an automatic crawl before they make it into our index throughrepparttar 139459 URL submission form.” (“Google Information for Webmasters” - Personally, I wouldn’t like to takerepparttar 139460 risk.)

Having said that, it certainly doesn’t hurt to submit your site to other search engines (especially if you haven’t developed any content for it yet).


You don’t need to be an SEO expert or an SEO copywriter to submit your site to Google andrepparttar 139461 other search engines. And you don’t need to pay anything to do it. You just need to do it. And if your domain name is new, you need to do it NOW!

Happy submitting!

* Glenn Murray is an SEO copywriter and heads copywriting studio Divine Write. He can be contacted on Sydney +612 4334 6222 or at Visit for further details or more FREE articles.

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