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Written by Shawn Campbell

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For this keyphrase, I found results between Google and Yahoo to be quite similar. The only differences were sites by actual realtors and sites that were simply property listings. Both types of results are useful, with Google having an edge in realtors. Google had some lower quality sites, butrepparttar information was just as good even though they did seem less professional. Onrepparttar 127953 other hand, Yahoo did have one site that was nothing more than a links page from another realtor's site. Big boo boo.

This one goes to Google.

Mosquito Nets

It seems to me that someone searching for "mosquito nets" wants either A) to buy them, or B) to learn about them, so I was expecting to find either stores or information about mosquito nets. Yahoo showed me 6 stores and 2 informational pages. The other results were a search result page (not a good result) and an inner page from a previous result (also not a good result).

Google gave me 7 stores and 3 charitable organizations (one of which was a store as well). The other 2 charitable organizations were a news article outlining what they had done regarding mosquito nets and information about mosquito nets.

So even though I didn't necessarily wantrepparttar 127954 latest news about what a charity did regarding mosquito nets, I think gettingrepparttar 127955 same site twice from Yahoo (not to mentionrepparttar 127956 search result page) isrepparttar 127957 bigger no-no. Google wins this round.


I expected to find information about liposuction, liposuction organizations and either doctors or centers where you can have liposuction done. What I got was a lot of "how to find a doctor" sites, with a lot of good information.

Yahoo results included 3 sites doubled. This is a problem that killed AltaVista inrepparttar 127958 late 90's. Hopefully they will have it fixed soon. Other thanrepparttar 127959 3 doubled sites,repparttar 127960 results included 4 informational sites, 2 sites for finding doctors and one poorly written article aboutrepparttar 127961 history of liposuction.

Google gave me 4 good informational sites, 2 good "find a doctor" sites, one recent article about liposuction for people inrepparttar 127962 industry, one site with very poor information one written by a single doctor and one site that was nothing more than a directory.

Google gets this round as well. Overall, it looks like Yahoo needs to fix its doubling of sites and Google needs to clean out some spam (poor sites).

And The Winner Is...

You! Having two good search engines to choose from makes searching that much better for everyone. It also makes getting listings better. It also makes marketing better. It also makes traffic to your site steadier. The only way this could have been worse is if Yahoo's results sucked, and they don't. They seem just as good, if not better, than Google's.

So rejoice, and enjoy a more dynamic world of online searching!

Shawn Campbell is an enthusiastic player in the ecommerce marketplace, and co-founded Red Carpet Web Promotion, Inc. He has been researching and developing marketing strategies to achieve more prominent listings in search engine results since 1998. Shawn is one of the earliest pioneers in the search engine optimization field.

Optimise your Site for the Search Engines Pt 1

Written by Darren Yates

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<meta name="robots" content ="index, follow">

With this we're tellingrepparttar spider/robot to follow allrepparttar 127951 links when visiting this page. If you have a members area or an admin area on your site that you don't want listed inrepparttar 127952 SE's, or any other pages you want to keep to yourself then you can use this -

<meta name="robots" content ="index,no follow">

Other tags that may or may not be useful included from this page -

<meta name="author" content="how to make money online"> <meta http-equiv="expires" content="0"> <meta name="resource-type" content="document"> <meta name="distribution" content="global"> <meta name="revisit-after" content="1 days"> <meta name="rating" content="general"> <meta name="generator" content="php-nuke 6.8 - copyright 2003 by"> <meta name="copyright" content="copyright (c) 2003 by http://how to make money online"> In general I wouldn't use any ofrepparttar 127953 above tags other than author and maybe revisit-after. Since using them will pushrepparttar 127954 text content of your page further fromrepparttar 127955 top of your document.

A well known and very useful tool for checking out what search words people are using onrepparttar 127956 SE's is Wordtracker. When you know what people are searching for you know what keywords and keyphrases you should be weaving into your website. This tool is used by allrepparttar 127957 online Marketing experts. Another tool isrepparttar 127958 Overture suggestion tool which will listrepparttar 127959 number of times a word or phrase has been searched for onrepparttar 127960 Overture engine overrepparttar 127961 previous month. A handy tool that will query Overture directly from your desktop and store all results of your keyword searches is Good Keywords. For a more extensive list of keyword resources try my keyword research page.

5: Body text Keyword/Keyphrases and bold text. This is very much whererepparttar 127962 focus has switched when it comes to keywords and keyphrases. Generally it makes senserepparttar 127963 more focused your body text is on what your site is aboutrepparttar 127964 better you will get listed. In those terms everyone's a winner. You get better listing and your content is more relevant in order to achieve that. Does that make sense ? let me clarify.

Returning to our examples again our site is called We've already usedrepparttar 127965 phrase 'exercise equipment' in our domain name, page title, body text title and in our meta tags. If we now add this same phrase torepparttar 127966 main text of our page a number of times ideally nearrepparttar 127967 top withinrepparttar 127968 first paragraph we'll boost our ranking inrepparttar 127969 SE's yet again.

Note you should try to makerepparttar 127970 phrase fitrepparttar 127971 text and not just cram it in there. It's also important not to over do it. As it is withrepparttar 127972 other techniques described in this article. You can get your site dropped and even barred fromrepparttar 127973 SE's if it's seen to be 'spamming' them by abusing these techniques. So tread carefully and try not to over do it.

Back torepparttar 127974 keywords/keyphrases, there's a further twist to this if we also makerepparttar 127975 body text 'exercise equipment' bold we'll score again inrepparttar 127976 SE's since text in bold is seen as being more important and again more relevant. ;-) The side benefit is that it breaks uprepparttar 127977 text a little for our site visitors and makesrepparttar 127978 page a little more interesting.

Darren Yates is the owner of ditto design a web design/development and search engine marketing company. He also owns and manages a site focused on the many and varied ways of making money online. Featuring product/service reviews, resources, articles, links and a forum. Darren first got online in 1994 and started up ditto design in 1999, making a living online ever since.

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