YOU are in control! YOU are responsible!

Written by Noel Peebles

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The point I'm making is that you have complete control over your results (except for unforeseen natural disasters). You have complete control over your future and you have complete control over your mind.

Another thing I have discovered from my years in business; is that in order have complete control over your mind, you first have to take full responsibility forrepparttar results you get in life.

When something happens to you, take full responsibility.

The problem is this. It is easy to blame any and everyone, or everything else for our plight in life.

It's circumstances beyond my control. Oh Really?

It'srepparttar 126290 government's fault. Oh Really??

The economy is to blame. Oh Really???

It'srepparttar 126291 boss's fault. Oh Really????

It's everyone else's fault. Oh Really????? Don't depend on events outside of you to providerepparttar 126292 happiness in your life. Get over blamingrepparttar 126293 world around you. Get over guilt. Get over resentment. Concentrate on getting your act together. Take control and take full responsibility.


Every day is a new day. Don't letrepparttar 126294 past controlrepparttar 126295 future. Forgive others and forgive yourself for whatever may have happened inrepparttar 126296 past. Get over it... it's done with... let go. Think aboutrepparttar 126297 present and focus onrepparttar 126298 future. Tomorrow isrepparttar 126299 first day ofrepparttar 126300 rest of your life. YOU are in control. YOU are responsible.

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Noel Peebles has bought, developed and sold several of his own businesses, and has been involved with the purchase and sale of many others. He has fifteen years of 'hands on' experience, directing his own highly successful' retail businesses, including franchise marketing and business development. He also has his own public self-storage complex. And, he's traveled extensively to over forty countries.

Are You In The Wrong Job? Ask Yourself These 7 Key Questions:

Written by Michael Spremulli

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Do you hate your boss with a burning passion? Sure, everyone reading this will occasionally have disagreements with their bosses. This is different than actively hating your boss. If you constantly have mean and vicious thoughts about your boss, you will have a tremendous challenge being productive and feeling satisfied in your job.

Doesrepparttar mission ofrepparttar 126289 company fit your personal values? It is awfully difficult for you to be committed to your work when it conflicts with your personal values. For example: do you support protectingrepparttar 126290 environment, butrepparttar 126291 company you work for is a major polluter? You may despise firearms, but your company makes parts that are used inrepparttar 126292 manufacturing of handguns. A constant conflict of values can be difficult, if not impossible, to tolerate for long periods of time.

Do you feel valued as an employee? EVERYONE needs to feel valued as an employee. Unfortunately, companies and managers often lose sight of this. Ask yourself whenrepparttar 126293 last time was that you were complimented for a job well done. Does your boss or management appreciate your loyalty and dedication? If you do not feel valued, chances are that you will become de-motivated and adopt a “dorepparttar 126294 minimum to get by” attitude.

These questions are intended to be a catalyst for you. If you do not like your answers to these questions, ask yourself one more -- what can YOU to do improve your situation at work? Remember, if your work life is not what you want it to be, you arerepparttar 126295 only one who can takerepparttar 126296 action necessary to make it better.

================================== Aboutrepparttar 126297 author: Michael Spremulli holds a Master’s degree in psychology and is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst. He isrepparttar 126298 host of For more information contact:

Michael Spremulli 2001 Hammock Drive Valdosta, GA 31602 229) 257-0665

Michael Spremulli (a.k.a. the Chief Happiness Officer) is president of The Chrysalis Corporation and host of the website. His extensive background in psychology and human behavior has positioned him as a sought after speaker and corporate consultant. Michael and his firm specialize in helping companies hire, manage, and motivating employees and creating a happy and productive workplace.

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