Written by Linda Landry

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I have been fortunate to encounter several such helpful net entrepreneurs. I thank them so much for their encouragement and support. They have been optimistic and have provided valuable information butrepparttar most rewarding is their willingness to assist in someone else's success. WOW! That is exhilarating. I doubt we have seen this type of cooperation sincerepparttar 125535 pioneer days. I feel fortunate to be part of this frontier. I hope this spirit of camaraderie continues.

(Linda Landry isrepparttar 125536 editor/publisher ofrepparttar 125537 ezine CYBERSHOPNEWS. The current edition can be viewed on her site: YOU WORK AT HOME; WHY NOT SHOP AT HOME? Our 'brother' site: for your home/personal safety needs. Permission to reprint this article is granted as long as it is reprinted in it's entirety and with this resource box.)

Linda Landry is a new net 'marketeer' with two retail websites and a new ezine, CYBERSHOPNEWS. She is a publisher dedicated to providing informative articles and an affordable media for you to promote your online biz opp.

Gambling For Free -- Really!

Written by Tom Howze

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Ever receive an email about taking online surveys for cash or cash paying focus groups? I did and they wanted from $39.95 to $125.00 forrepparttar information. (Donít pay it!) But with a lot of extra work I found out how to sign up for marketing surveys at no cost. These surveys can pay up to $200.00 for a couple of hours participation. Over a 6-month period, I earned $1769.00 and spent no more than 6 hours a month doing surveys. Works out to just over $49.00 an hour. Combining that with free bonuses from casino portals and bonusesrepparttar 125534 casinos give, I ended up with $2,665.00 for gambling fun over this 6-month period. I keep a 6 month running survey history of what I receive at

This way I can either:

1.Gamble using none of my personal funds or 2.Leverage my existing bankroll with free money I receive so I can have more chances to win.

Keep in mind that it takes a little time and effort but it can be done.

************************************************************** Educating Yourself on How to Win at Your Favorite Casino Games **************************************************************

Learning to master your favorite casino games can help you increase your chances of winning. Some video poker games actually have payout odds over 100.00%. Blackjack is also another game whererepparttar 125535 odds of winning are close to 100.00%. We feature a couple of learning sources on our Education page:

Whatís involved in getting started?

I have made gambling for free simple to start, just go torepparttar 125536 Just Gamble For Free website ( and follow this 4 step process:

1.Sign up for cash paying surveys 2.Go overrepparttar 125537 important notes 3.Educate yourself on your favorite casino games 4.Go torepparttar 125538 casino portals page and check outrepparttar 125539 deals

There is no cost. If you have any questions aboutrepparttar 125540 site, repparttar 125541 surveys or anything else please email me, Tom Howze, at

Tom Howze is a webmaster for 9 sites that relate to the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour events, updates and information to play poker for free online .

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