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Some PPC's are tightly controlled, limitingrepparttar number of sites linked to any keyword, or reserving keywords and phrases to a small number of clients. Some even have evaluators that review each site to guarantee that keywords match site content. With this class of PPC engines, when someone clicks through to your site, you know you have a serious prospect.

The cost on PPC sites is usually only a few cents per click through, and can representrepparttar 101197 best advertising money you'll ever spend. That doesn't mean you only spend money on PPC advertising. Some PPC engines allow you to earn money by referring other website owners torepparttar 101198 PPC.

You can earn a commission on every service they purchase, or you can earn a few cents for every customer who clicks through to a site you referred. If you refer a lot of sites, it's possible that your income will be more than what you're paying, and you'll be advertising for free!

The Internet has become so big that it's like standing inrepparttar 101199 middle ofrepparttar 101200 Library of Congress trying to find a single book. Let pay-per-click put your potential customers right in front of your pages.

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Scientific Advertising Will Help Turn Gambles Into Profits

Written by Gauher Chaudhry

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Your headline should screamrepparttar benefits that your product or service will providerepparttar 101196 potential customer. For example, if you are selling a foot massage machine, then tell your readers repparttar 101197 benefit inrepparttar 101198 headline:

"Discover How To Reduce Sore Feet With Our Revolutionary Foot Massage Master!"

The headline isrepparttar 101199 key aspect of your entire ad. You should spend countless hours trying to create and improverepparttar 101200 headline. If you do not getrepparttar 101201 potential customer's attention with your headline, kissrepparttar 101202 sale goodbye.

The second step is to testrepparttar 101203 body of your advertisement. You should userepparttar 101204 same headline, but with different bodies. It will be just a matter of time before you discover what isrepparttar 101205 most profitable content to use.

The third step is to test your price. All customers are price sensitive and if you cannot convince them that your product or service is not worthrepparttar 101206 price, you will not makerepparttar 101207 sale.

One ofrepparttar 101208 biggest misconceptions is that advertisers believe thatrepparttar 101209 lowerrepparttar 101210 price they offer,repparttar 101211 more sales they will receive. This cannot be further fromrepparttar 101212 truth! If potential customers perceive thatrepparttar 101213 price of your product is a lot lower than they had expected, they might think your product is of poor quality or a scam.

One ofrepparttar 101214 best resources on determining whatrepparttar 101215 optimal price for your product or service should be is Ken Evoy's book "Make Your Price Sell."

Other things that you should considers testing are your web site layout, order processing, colour schemes, long copy vs. short copy and many other items you feel could affect your ad.

Once you getrepparttar 101216 results back from your testing, you will get you advertising right down to an exact science.

I highly recommend downloading Claude Hopkins' ebook "Scientific Advertising" to help you fully understand this topic.

You can get it free from our web site by going to:

Good luck and happy testing!

Gauher Chaudhry is editor of Cool Cash Ezine. You can subscribe for free by sending an email to with "sub-art" in the subject. You will receive a free copy of the 225+ page book "How To Start And Operate Your Own Profitable Business At Home!" (reg. $20)

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