Written by Livvie Matthews

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If you answered yes to BOTH of these questions you are already half-way there!

Booklets by their very nature are designed to be short and torepparttar point. This givesrepparttar 129544 reader a clear and precise message. Plus, your booklets can be marketed over and over for re-sale in different ways.

Benefits to creating a tips booklet:

1) Booklets can usually be completed from start to finish in just a few weeks.

2) Booklets can be used as promotional items to promote already existing businesses.

3) Booklets can be used asrepparttar 129545 product itself.

4) Booklets can be used over and over creating a new stream of income each time.

5) Booklet prices encourage and invite large quantity purchases from businesses.

6) Booklets can be translated into different languages reaching larger audiences providing another stream of income.

Booklet Specifics:

Booklet Size: 3 1/2" x 8 1/2" (fits into a standard #10 size envelope for mailing)

Number of Pages: Usually 16-20 "inside" pages Page count must always be divided in 4's

Paper Size: Inside pages - 60# Opaque paper. 20# paper is too thin andrepparttar 129546 print can show through. Cover pages - glossy white (sturdier) card stock weight

Type Size: Select a size that everyone can read (Remember those who wear glasses)

Presentation: Use short tips instead of long paragraphs with "bullet" or numbering format.

Fact: People remember information easier when its given in short blocks

Well, you haverepparttar 129547 information and you PASSEDrepparttar 129548 "How To Know If You Can Create A Booklet" test.

Now you have a decision to make......

1) You can continue to work hard at what you are doing and make a living..... OR

2) You can earn a great deal more by teaching others to do what you well !!

Don't wait....get started today!!

For more information on creating a tips booklet visit or

REMEMBER: 1 Booklet Could Change Your Life!!

Livvie Matthews helps individuals and businesses turn their knowledge into great-selling tips booklets. For more information contact Livvie at or visit

7 Tips for Submitting Articles to Article Resource Sites

Written by David McKenzie

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4. Title. Make surerepparttar title of your article isrepparttar 129541 ONLY thing inrepparttar 129542 subject header of your email if submitting articles by email. When I look for articles to include in my own ezine I scanrepparttar 129543 titles. Ifrepparttar 129544 subject heading says “New Article for Posting” or something like that, then I will not even bother readingrepparttar 129545 article. No matter how good it is!

5. Getrepparttar 129546 character width right. If you format all your articles to 65 characters width then you will have no problems with about 95% of all article resource sites.

6. Set up an autoresponder for each article. Some article resource sites require you to have your own articles available by autoresponder. You can get free autoresponders from

7. Only submit each article once to each article resource site. A quick way to get into trouble with many article resource site owners is to submitrepparttar 129547 same article a number of times. It is just not worth it!

There are many things to consider when submitting articles to article resource sites. Follow these 7 tips and you should not have any problems.

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