YOU - A Bright Shining Star?

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

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By responding in humility, like Jesus would, to those that wrong us, we grow in GODLINESS. That is, we're more and more like Jesus and God.

That humility and godliness will cause us to be alert and begin to spot others who have been hurt. Intuitively we'll spot them, and know how to help them better. So that suffering we have from false accusations enriches us after all, with KINDNESS.

Now we'll be trying to guide these weaker, hurting friends through these very steps to maturity, meaning that we are now reproducing ourselves, which is true LOVE andrepparttar essence of God Himself.

Have you reached maturity in your character development? Or are you stuck at one ofrepparttar 127051 earlier stages? Sometimes, just seeing where you are, relative to where you are headed, can be a big help to get you moving forward again.

Let your light shine ever brighter and brighter!

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Don't Let Your Balloon POP!

Written by Ellen M. DuBois

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"Yes," he replied.

Big deal. I putrepparttar pillow under his head and he was comfortable. He doesn’t know whether I was a nurse or a stranger. It doesn't matter. He felt better and so did I. I helped, BUT why didn'trepparttar 127050 nurses?

I won't settle for that anymore. I can't saverepparttar 127051 world, but I can do my part.

That's letting air out of my balloon, too.

I've learned that when life gets too heavy, it doesn't mean you're WEAK if you admit it. It took a long time for me to get there. Tears don't equate to weakness. They are God's way of allowing you to cleanse your soul. I always had this crazy idea that if you can't handle things, you're weak. That's bologna.

That's what God is for.

So, let air out of your balloon. Cry if you have to. Help if you feel it's needed but are afraid of doing it. Voice a complaint if you have one. Allow yourself to 'be'. Let yourself know that you need to recharge once in a while and acceptrepparttar 127052 fact that it's okay to letrepparttar 127053 injustices you see bother you. More importantly, do something about them if you can. Accept that you get tired and need to nurture yourself, too. If you're running around caring for others, know that it's draining and that there's only so much you can take before your balloon starts to fill too much. Don't punish yourself for needing rest. REST. Let go ofrepparttar 127054 guilt. Guilt fills balloons very quickly.

If a balloon hasrepparttar 127055 right amount of air in it, it's beautiful, light, floating, colorful and vibrant. Just like you. © Ellen M. DuBois

Ellen M. DuBois, MA - Ms. DuBois is engaged and has a dog who loves to critique her work. She is published in vol.2 of God Allows U-Turns with her piece, "The Angel in the Dumpster". She writes to touch the hearts of others. Please visit Writings of the Heart, her award winning writer's resource site-

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