Written by Mary Anne Hahn

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Time consuming: It takes me an average of five hours to put together each issue of my own ezine, WriteSuccess. That does *not* include writing my own articles for it, surfingrepparttar 'Net in search of markets and writers' sites for each issue, promoting my ezine on various announcement lists, trading ezine ads with other publications that complement mine, reading and responding to emails received, and subscribing or unsubscribing readers who can't do so themselves. Ezines, at leastrepparttar 124297 good ones, are labor-intensive ventures.

Challenging: This "con" could also be a "pro," depending on how you look at it. Maintaining a consistent, high quality ezine over months and years takes a great deal of dedication and motivation. You need to truly loverepparttar 124298 topic of your ezine in order to stick with it for any period of time.

And you can't take your readership for granted, either. In recent weeks, a few of my favorite ezines have disappeared offrepparttar 124299 face ofrepparttar 124300 Web, with or without a warning fromrepparttar 124301 publisher/editor. Not only was I disappointed that I would no longer receive their ezines, but--even ifrepparttar 124302 ezines were revived--I would greatly hesitate to swap ads or pursue joint ventures with them inrepparttar 124303 future, due torepparttar 124304 unreliability ofrepparttar 124305 publishers.

Not all fun and games: Ezine publishers get *a lot* of spam! We also sometimes get nasty-grams from people who forgot they'd ever subscribed to our 'zine inrepparttar 124306 first place. And of course there arerepparttar 124307 unexplained unsubscribes that occur after each issue, which hurt a little, seeingrepparttar 124308 amount of time and effort you invested putting it together.


Is ezine publishing hard work? Absolutely. But, at least from my perspective,repparttar 124309 tangible and intangible rewards more than compensate forrepparttar 124310 drawbacks. If anything, I enjoy publishing WriteSuccess today more than I ever did.

In a world made even smaller byrepparttar 124311 Internet, you can reach potential clients and readers aroundrepparttar 124312 globe. Publishing your own ezine is an outstanding way to accomplish that.

Mary Anne Hahn is a freelance writer who wants to encourage people to follow their own dreams. She also publishes "WriteSuccess," a biweekly ezine of ideas, information and inspiration for writers. To subscribe,

7 Ways To Fail At Ezine Publishing

Written by Jason Potash

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If your e-mail software cannot personalize hundreds of outgoing emails automatically, get one that can. Nothing spells "mass-mailing" more than starting an email with, "Dear Internet Friend".

Alternatively, you can utilize a good autoresponder to dorepparttar trick.

Here's an autoresponder service that I've been very pleased with. Oddly enough, they're alsorepparttar 124296 least expensive: AOL Click Here

6. Don't sell products to your readers

Are you planning to make money with your ezine? If not, you're going to lose motivation real fast. No one likes working for free -- unless you're doing volunteer work where there are greater rewards than making money.

The answer? Affiliate programs. The best part is, you can begin selling products right now at no cost to you. Did you noticerepparttar 124297 affiliate products mentioned within this article? ;-)

There are probably a dozen products that would be of benefit to your readers. Gardeners, car enthusiasts, computer programmers .. you can find allrepparttar 124298 products you need by visiting a few popular Affiliate program directories.

7. Don't promote your ezine

If your ezine marketing strategy is -- "go crazy" for 3 days and then kick back and relax, you're destined for failure. Ezine publishing requires constant nurturing to grow. You're not going to build an ezine with 15,000 subscribers by playing bingo three nights a week.

Here's a handy tool that helps automaterepparttar 124299 time consuming process of promoting your ezine:

So there you have it. 7 ways to avoid *failure* as an ezine publisher. Put these proven ideas into motion and you're sure to improverepparttar 124300 success of your ezine.

Jason Potash, the creator of EzineAnnouncer software, makes it easy to put your ezine and article promotion on auto-pilot. Just click-and-submit to over 1600 sites! Click here for details:

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