Written by June McHardy

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By now you're probably saying "But I just don't haverepparttar time to read any books!" Well, one way would be to reducerepparttar 123884 amount of time you spend readingrepparttar 123885 newspaper or watching TV. . . or you could get up a half hour earlier each day to read undisturbed and, as Brian Tracy says, "milkrepparttar 123886 golden hour"

But by farrepparttar 123887 most powerful way of findingrepparttar 123888 time to read is making your car your "College on Wheels". We all know that we spend thousands of hours a year driving to and from work. Most people will listen torepparttar 123889 radio. But what if you took this time to listen to books on tape? Or what if you listened to tapes on your subjects of interest by experts inrepparttar 123890 field? Byrepparttar 123891 end ofrepparttar 123892 year you could haverepparttar 123893 equivalent of 2 college semesters! Another added bonus of listening to tapes in your car is thatrepparttar 123894 stress ofrepparttar 123895 drive will decrease and you'll actually arrive feeling more refreshed and relaxed.

Careful though, you can become addicted to this successful habit! So start now. It's never too late to become success-oriented!

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Along The Well Traveled Path...

Written by June McHardy

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Overrepparttar years, any challenges that I have always give way to hope and possibility when I pick up one of my books or tapes. Somehow, I can always open a book to any page and find a quote or a statement that 'speaks to me' and changesrepparttar 123883 way that I'm thinking.

The same is true ofrepparttar 123884 books that I read today. "The Seat ofrepparttar 123885 soul" by Gary Zukov or Dr.Wayne Dyer's "There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem" and "How to know God" by Deepak Chopra - along with masses of other material byrepparttar 123886 'Motivational Masters' of our times are all basically teaching usrepparttar 123887 same thing - that we are 'Spiritual Beings' with access to miracles in our lives.

What I find really exciting about this is that all of these authors have in fact gone before me on their spiritual paths and their legacy of books and tapes are now my guideposts along my way.

Now I'd like to share them with you!

To that end, I've compiled a list of some of these Motivational Gurus with many of their works at

June McHardy is co-editor of the Motivational Ezine Prosperity News - dedicated to maximizing success and joy in our lives. Subscribe FREE now and be entered into a FREE Draw...

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