Xml2PDF version 2.3 with support for WordML is released

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Free evaluation versions for Workstation, XmlSpy Plug-In and Hotfolder editions are available for download at: http://alt-soft.com/products_xml2pdf_download.jsp

For evaluation of .NET API edition please sendrepparttar requests to: sales@alt-soft.com.

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Skip Navigation links are important

Written by John S. Britsios

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For example, if a Screen Reader user clicks an internal link on your page, your logo's alternate text attribute tellsrepparttar user that he/she has not yet left your website. Ifrepparttar 139783 Skip navigation link is before this logo, thenrepparttar 139784 user does not know immediately which website he/she is on.

In many occasions, web site developers or their clients do not wish to haverepparttar 139785 Skip navigation or Skip to main content link visible, withrepparttar 139786 excuse that it does not fit in their design. In this case they might use a technique wrappingrepparttar 139787 accessibility text or links in an HTML div setting it to display: none or visibility: hidden. The problem with this technique is that it does not always work as expected. Some screen readers do not speak material that is marked display: none or visibility hidden, and others depend on howrepparttar 139788 style is specified. To solve this problem, you could make them invisible withrepparttar 139789 technique of using transparent graphics. Checkrepparttar 139790 links below to learn how:

* Skipping Over Navigation Links http://diveintoaccessibility.org/day_11_skipping_over_navigation_links.html * Skip to Main Content Link http://www.washington.edu/accessit/AU/tutorial/ins.html

After all, do your web pages have Skip navigation or Skip to main content links? If not, it should be time to build them...

This article is written by John S. Britsios, Accessibility & SEO Consultant, Usability Specialist & Trainer, founder and owner of the Webnauts Net http://www.webnauts.net

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