XML Promises and challenges

Written by Ror Sabo

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Microsoft XML Validation Tool checks that an XML file is well formed.

XML Spy is a powerful XML editor.

XMetaL is an advanced, simple-to-deploy XML authoring tool that delivers an unprecedented ease of use.

More XML Tools >>

XML Free Tutorial: A lot of free tutorial can be found on different ways XML can be used.

2-XML Syntax

   The simple and very strict syntax rules of XML.

3-XML Elements

   XML Elements, relationships, content and naming rules.

4-XML Attributes

   How XML attributes can be used to describe elements, or to provide additional information about


5-XML Validation

   The difference between a Well Formed and a Valid XML document and how a DTD is used to define

   the XML document.

6-XML support in Netscape and Explorer

   Aboutrepparttar 105567 support for XML inrepparttar 105568 two most famous browsers.

7-Viewing XML in Internet Explorer

   How to use Internet Explorer to view an XML file.

8-Displaying XML with CSS

   How to use Internet Explorer and CSS to display an XML file.

9-Displaying XML with XSL

   How to use Internet Explorer and XSL to display an XML file.

10-XML embedded in HTML

   How to embed XML inside HTML documents.

11-The Microsoft XML Parser

   How to userepparttar 105569 Microsoft XML parser to open and manipulate XML documents.

12-XML in Real Life

   This is where we take a look at some real life use of XML.

13-XML Namespaces

   How to avoid element name conflicts using XML namespaces.


   How to tell an XML parser not to parserepparttar 105570 text.

15-XML Encoding

   How to encode your XML documents.

16-XML Server

   How to generate XML onrepparttar 105571 server.

17-XML Applications

   How you can use IE to navigate an XML file and how to create a complete XML application.

18-XML HTTP Requests

   How to request XML from a server using HTTP.

19-Behaviors for HTML and XML

   Howrepparttar 105572 new CSS behavior selector can be used to create dynamic content.

20-XML Technologies

   XML technologies that are important torepparttar 105573 understanding and development of XML applications.

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Using free Web Page Templates

Written by Stephen Cope

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  • HTML-----------Use this one if you are a beginner
  • Flash
  • Dreamweaver
  • Frontpage
  • Frames
  • No Frames------This may may not be plain HTML

Most Websites  offer themed templates like:

  • kids
  • business
  • computers
  • music
  • Internet

There is nothing to be wary of here just chooserepparttar appropriate theme for your Website.

Because this article contains graphics is it continued on my website www.build-your-website.co.uk/making-website-Using-templates.htm

Stephen Cope is a freelance trainer and the Webmaster at - making a website and IncrediMail and Outlook Express Updates.

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