XML Is About To Rock Your World

Written by Bill Daugherty

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The Internet became what it is today because HTML was accepted as a universal language for displaying images and text. The impact of XML will first be seen inrepparttar great improvement it will bring to search results on search engines.

Today's search engines produce a lot of irrelevant results. That's because, to a search engine, a word or phrase is just a pattern of letters without meaning. XML will eliminate a lot of this "garbage" search results by labeling content more thoroughly.

This may all sound like something out ofrepparttar 118061 distant future, but it will become our reality inrepparttar 118062 near future. The most amazing feats resulting from XML are those that we can't even image yet. The future will be an exciting time to live and XML will play a large role.

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Don't Let HTML Scare Or Deter You From Getting Your Business Online!

Written by Joe Reinbold

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This type program basically createsrepparttar HTML code for you. You enterrepparttar 118060 text and use drop down lists to select what action you want to take in respect to creatingrepparttar 118061 HTML code. It really is great and as you use it, you are learningrepparttar 118062 actions that each piece of code can do to or for your page.

I mentioned earlier that there are many sites where you can get free information regarding learning how to build your own web pages. Here are a few:

HTML Tutorials in Web Design http://www.bfree.on.ca/HTML/index.htm

HTML: An Interactive Tutorial For Beginners http://www.davesite.com/webstation/html

A Crash Course in HTML http://www.w3-tech.com/crash/HTMLMenu.html

HTML Help http://www.htmlhelp.com

Those are just a few ofrepparttar 118063 many sites that offer free help. As indicated above, there are also sites where you can get other resources you can use to design your own site/page. And they are all free. If you would like links to free cgi scripts, java scripts, banner generation services, graphics and more just visit our free resource page at:


Don't look atrepparttar 118064 HTML of some page you think looks great and let it scare you or deter you from your goal of getting your business online. It looked awesome to me too when I started but now I do all my own web pages and my site now has over 50 individual pages. Play around with it, change it, test it and you will learn it! AND you will be online before you know it!

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