XHTML -Making the Switch

Written by Abe Smith

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Frames -For using frames, duh

And Strict,repparttar mean, scrict XHTML

The most common character encoding is as follows,

A full list of character encodings can be found at www.w3c.org. Also in XHTML tables for layout are a big no-no. Yet most ofrepparttar 140424 timerepparttar 140425 validator lets you slide with them anyway. Use CSS for layout if you want true XHTML.

Abe Smith is the owner of the webmaster forum (www.webmasterforum.tk) and enjoys writing various web Programming Tutorials, articles on SEO, and computer security.

Advantages of Using RSS Feeds

Written by Ben Hirsch

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There are hundreds if not thousands of internet success stories. A growing number of them are offering different secrets, topics about how to add and use RSS feeds to increase your website's traffic.

In addition to all of these great traffic helps, there has been an increasing number of ads being placed in RSS feeds. Google ads are a very popular affiliate program which pays for every click. Some people now integrate their Google ads intorepparttar RSS feeds. That's more exposure, more chances to get money, which is always great.

There are many reasons to use RSS feeds, and just about all of them are good. If you really need to boost your traffic, RSS is definitelyrepparttar 140313 way to go. Tutorials about RSS will be popping up on this site soon.

Ben is the webmaster of http://www.shadow-fox.net (The Shadow Fox Network). He has been working on the web for 3 years and concentrates on writing about websites.

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