XARC Mastering celebrates first anniversary, offers holiday gift

Written by XARC Mastering

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Adding to this exciting news is that XARC's homepage now features an easy-to-use pricing estimate calculator. The previous pricing system was replaced in October, with a new system that improves fairness to its clients. The estimate calculator at http://www.xarcmastering.com/rates/, being based on this new pricing system, enables rapid production of current estimates for XARC's mastering services. In addition, mixing tips and consultation are also available.

Lorenz explains: "The mixing stage plays an extremely important role in ensuring onlyrepparttar best quality results in mastering. To ensure my customers' total happiness, I want to make sure everything is perfect before mastering is started, so that we can achieverepparttar 110027 best results possible."

Lorenz continues: "It's all part of our enduring commitment to delivering tracks of onlyrepparttar 110028 very highest quality, in an environment of exceptional flexibility and at an extremely reasonable price point. We're simply not happy until our customers are happy, and we do everything that we can to match our clients' commitment to their own work."

Although Lorenz and his team will continue to be working very hard through December, they gratefully pause to wish all XARC clientsrepparttar 110029 very warmest and happiest possible holiday Season, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Finally, in light ofrepparttar 110030 holiday season, XARC Mastering is also offering a holiday gift to both new and current clients: a 10-Euro discount on any one mastering project. (To be eligible,repparttar 110031 discount, which can only be applied once, must be redeemed on or beforerepparttar 110032 28th of February, 2005). To take advantage of this special offer, simply mention code XARC-CP0412 when making mastering arrangements.

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For more information on XARC Mastering please visit http://www.xarcmastering.com/

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WHite Doves at Weddings - Bringing Back an Age Old Tradition

Written by Tamara Baker

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You may have seen an email going around recently. It is a picture of a pair of newlyweds releasing their doves by hand. The groom is in a pin-striped coat andrepparttar bride is wearing a strapless white satin dress. The couple are enthusiastically tossing their doves intorepparttar 110026 air. But it's not onlyrepparttar 110027 doves that find their freedom. The brides breasts managed to escape from her dress when she threw her dove intorepparttar 110028 air. Their photographer managed to capturerepparttar 110029 event perfectly! I am telling you this story because it is another reason to hire professional dove releasers.

I know it feels great to hurlrepparttar 110030 doves intorepparttar 110031 air atrepparttar 110032 end of your wedding ceremony. But we have always recommended to our clients that you only have to open your hands to letrepparttar 110033 doves free (even ifrepparttar 110034 bride is wearing a cast-iron bra and a dress with straps of steel so there is no danger of exposing herself). The reasons we tell people NOT to throwrepparttar 110035 doves are, firstly,repparttar 110036 doves need no encouragement to fly away. They love to fly and can't wait to get out of your hands. But more importantly, when you seerepparttar 110037 photos ofrepparttar 110038 dove release in months to come, you will probably think that you look ridiculous with your hands up inrepparttar 110039 air doingrepparttar 110040 "hallelujah" pose. These are allrepparttar 110041 aspects that professional dove releasers consider when taking doves to your wedding. Another thing, if you are considering incorporating a white dove release into your ceremony, don't (I repeat DON'T) let one ofrepparttar 110042 groom's know-it-all mates organise it for you! These arerepparttar 110043 kinds of blokes who would try to getrepparttar 110044 best deal with everything by taking short-cuts ....do you know anyone like that? The problem is that they know nothing at all about birds. I occasionally get calls from guys like this who want to "buy some birds onrepparttar 110045 cheep" (pun intended). I always tell them that we never let our birds go to an event without a dove release attendant. If these guys ever do manage to get hold of some cheap white birds, I certainly wouldn't want to go anywhere near them - you never know what sort of diseases they might have. Plus, you would be lucky if they don't go splat onrepparttar 110046 ground when they are released because they don't haverepparttar 110047 fitness to fly very far. Professional Dove Releasers always have clean, healthy, fit birds. They are bathed regularly and because we know a sick bird when we see one, we are always checking our pigeons for lice, worms and other bird diseases. By hiring a professional white dove releaser, it'srepparttar 110048 only guarantee thatrepparttar 110049 doves at your ceremony will be perfect.

White Dove releasing is a gorgeous and elegant expression of peace and love. So follow inrepparttar 110050 footsteps of brides and grooms from ancient times and experience it for yourself.

Contact your local professional white dove provider or visit our website http://www.heavenlywhitedoves.net and go torepparttar 110051 dove links page to find someone in your area.

Owner of Heavenly Doves, Sydney, Australia. Publisher of "Putting the Art in Your Party" a free monthly ezine bringing you zillions of ideas to plan a special event with a difference.

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