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Written by Doug Bower

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So what set off this flock of Grackles? And note that they are large and loud Crow-like birds. Is there a connection betweenrepparttar toad-murdering crows of Germany and this Houston event? Don't you want to know?

Then, lo and behold, Reuters' news service reported that on May 19, a sleepy little Russian village's lake simply DISAPPEARED overnight! Imagine that! You go to bed tellingrepparttar 139132 wife that you will be up beforerepparttar 139133 crack of dawn to go "Wet a Hook". You get up, eat a little something, grabrepparttar 139134 gear, and walk down torepparttar 139135 lake, only to find that it is gone--Poof! [2]

I assure you I am not making any of this up. An entire lake was there whenrepparttar 139136 Russians went to bed andrepparttar 139137 next morning it was gone.

Get this: The article is entitled, "Lake Disappears, baffling villagers". They find it, what, a little baffling? I wonder if TERRORIZED would have been a more appropriate word? Baffled just doesn't cut it. I am thinking that an overnight disappearance of an entire lake would elicit a little stronger reaction like,

"Мы тянем наших ишаков из здесь".

This roughly translates to,

"We are hauling our butts out of here."

Just whatrepparttar 139138 devil is going on here? Exploding toads in Germany (the explanation was NOT conclusive), vicious people-attacking CROW-like birds in Houston (authorities had to close down that section ofrepparttar 139139 street), thenrepparttar 139140 overnight disappearance of an entire lake.

Just where are Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Skully when you need them?

[1] Hostile Grackels Attack People in Houston; Associated Press

[2] Lake Disappears, baffling villagers.

Doug Bower is a freelance writer and book author. He is a columnist with Cricketsoda.com and the Magic City Morning Star. He is also listed with Ezinearticles.com. He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico. His newest book Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country can now be seen at http://www.lulu.com/content/126241

Animus Mundi and Intelligent Design

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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That is where one encounters another theory - different from Interventionism orrepparttar alien seed from microbial RNA lattices. Darwin was greatly hampered by his materialistic science that understood nothing ofrepparttar 138872 cellular level of life biologic. They had no microbiology or electron microscopes. It is uponrepparttar 138873 cellular substrate that each lifeform has been created andrepparttar 138874 Human Genome Project assures us we are not so different genetically fromrepparttar 138875 worm. I offer certain 'Faith'-based evidence as proof of that contention.

This theory suggests thatrepparttar 138876 crystalline structure of rocks and minerals had a part to play in focusing energy torepparttar 138877 biological soup ingredients atrepparttar 138878 beginning of life on earth. It is cutting edge stuff and I have only seen one article on it. I like this theory because I am a great fan of String Theory and Solid State Physicists like Robins and Tiller of Stanford (He has a recent book on Creation of life which I quote and have referred to many times in these debates.). String Theory tells us that all matter and energy is derived from 'one dimensional harmonic forces'. Now I can also drawrepparttar 138879 Logos into this and ask aboutrepparttar 138880 two muons separated inrepparttar 138881 deep Sudbury research center. How can sub-atomic particles communicate as was shown in this study? If they can communicate do they have some rudimentary consciousness? Indeed consciousness may not be only existent in biologic life.

Going down that path will eventually take us to our most feared Creator orrepparttar 138882 collective unconscious, andrepparttar 138883 ONE of many non-theistic disciplines like Buddhism. I did not come torepparttar 138884 point I am at (OPEN), by desire to believe in a Creator. I assure you I am raised inrepparttar 138885 most Atheistical up-bringing and approach. But now I see some merit in something these religions may have intuited somehow.

“Inrepparttar 138886 open state any asymmetry causes an energy imbalance to build up, caused by rectification of random fluctuations occurring inrepparttar 138887 surrounding region. When some shock causes closure, an energy discharge will occur andrepparttar 138888 resulting flow can providerepparttar 138889 shock needed to cause a change in state of other nearby junctions. So waves of switching action will arise spontaneously: these could berepparttar 138890 quantum waves:repparttar 138891 core feature of quantum theory. Furthermore, allrepparttar 138892 ingredients are present from which a working neural network could evolve and could ultimately yield a primary consciousness.

The network or grid, now definingrepparttar 138893 "nuether" and represented symbolically by a rectangular mesh in Figures 3, 5, and 6, would interconnect everything inrepparttar 138894 universe. As yet, however, no universe of matter could exist. Spontaneous creation ofrepparttar 138895 nuether had to occur first, followed by evolution of its consciousness, since on this model matter would require deliberate design. {This came fromrepparttar 138896 site ofrepparttar 138897 Center for Philosophical Freedom and an extensive article by Ronald Pearson which includes this description of his work as well Articles by and about Ronald Pearson,repparttar 138898 Derbyshire scientist who has discovered a structure ofrepparttar 138899 ether that has potential to evolve intelligence. This has providedrepparttar 138900 mathematics to back uprepparttar 138901 experiments of Sir William Crookes and Charles Richet. In these experiments, deceased people returned, proving they had survived death.}” (12)

I see so much in current science that supports life after death theories; and yet it may not be our personality which continues to exist inrepparttar 138902 ways most religions or concepts like Karma think of it. Beyond ‘limbo’ or ‘purgatory’ and these local event horizon states or attached energy bandwidths I think little could be likened to what we would call our own persona. In closing let me say simply – we must learn to think and question inrepparttar 138903 Socratian manner or else we are headed for a lot more war and other ghastly results.

“When she came out ofrepparttar 138904 anaesthetic, she turned torepparttar 138905 always faithful Alice B. Toklas and said, ‘What isrepparttar 138906 answer?’ The heartbroken Alice was unable to reply and, after a pause, Gertrude went on: ‘In that case, what isrepparttar 138907 question?’ These, it is said were her last words.”(13) And in my mind no bard or mere poet ever asked a more important question of life each and every day.

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine World-Mysteries.com guest 'expert'

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