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Adverbs: ------- Most adverbs are clutter - effortlessly easy - myself personally - don't say thatrepparttar radio blared loudly - blared means loud, how else can anything blare? Virtually unique is like saying somebody is virtually pregnant. Either they are or they're not! Virtually shouldn't get a look in!

Noun Breeding: ------------- Why is it nobody goes broke these days, they have money problem areas. It no longer rains, we have precipitation activity or thunderstorm probability. Get real - say what you mean - simply.

Credibility: ----------- Credibility is as fragile for a writer as for a politician. Don't inflate anything. Get caught in a single bogus statement and everything else you write will be suspect. Don't do it.

Contractions: ------------ Your style will be warmer and truer to your personality using contractions such as "I'll" and "can't". Check if your style is stilted by reading it out loud - to your spouse or to your dog. Which doesn't matter. You'll soon pick uprepparttar 129801 style in your voice - does it work for you? Does it flow, does it sound right? If not, do it again.

Paragraphs: ---------- Keep them short. Writing is visual. It catchesrepparttar 129802 eye before it has a chance to catchrepparttar 129803 brain. Short paragraphs put white space around your writing and make it look inviting. Long chunks of type can discourage readers from even starting.

Rewriting: --------- You're going to hate this one! Rewriting isrepparttar 129804 essence of writing well. It's whererepparttar 129805 game is won or lost. We all have emotional equity in our first draft; we can't believe it wasn't born perfect. The odds are it wasn't. Read it again tomorrow. Consider Mark Twain's comment about brevity. Use what time you have to distil your words torepparttar 129806 potency of good whisky.

Go with YOUR flow: ------------------ There's no subject you don't have permission to write about. I've read articles on fishing, flying, football, pistons and perfumes. Plus dozens of subjects in which I thought I had no interest. People often avoid subjects that are close to their hearts, assuming readers will think them "stupid".

No area of life is stupid to someone who takes it seriously.

Follow your fancies and you'll write well. Apply these powerful principles - and you'll do it even better! You'll engage, enlighten and entertain your readers. This is all they will ever ask of you.

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Online Booklet Results

Written by Paulette Ensign

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I posted questions seeking suggestions to all kinds of additional opportunities. 'Does anyone know who, how, where...?' That brought many new connections, one afterrepparttar other. In some cases, it also brought new ideas I hadn't considered. Asking for information or suggestions is one ofrepparttar 129800 best-accepted forms of marketing yourself online. It's a more benign way of publicizing yourself that a blantant sales approach.

Readingrepparttar 129801 postings inrepparttar 129802 forums, newsgroups, listservs, discussion boards, and anywhere else is like mining for gold. Responding to other people's posts allows for a soft sell of your own products and services while being helpful and providing solutions to their concerns. I often gently make reference to my publications or services. You'd be amazed how often that generates at least an inquiry, if not a direct sale. It might seem to take a little longer. It is a very effective way to go much further, though. Referrals come when and from where you least expect them, I have noticed.

Online newsletters are like hard-copy newsletters. The two differences I am finding are that online newsletters appear more willing to accept articles and thatrepparttar 129803 decision-making process on acceptance seems faster. The online newsletters often have a larger subscriber base than many hard copy newsletters. For me, this has also been like trying to eat only one potato chip. The emergence of online newsletters is huge. Finding one generally leads to more.

I view my technological capability. savvy, understanding, and certainly equipment atrepparttar 129804 lower end ofrepparttar 129805 scale. In spite of this, my results have included:

> Direct sales of my booklet, audio tape, and manuals (about 150,000 booklets solely through online efforts)

> Translations into two languages.

> Speaking engagements aroundrepparttar 129806 country andrepparttar 129807 world

> Consulting clients, served by phone, fax, and online

> Interviews in other media (in print, online, radio and television)

> Saving time and money in communications (greatly satisfying that instant gratification urge)

> Writing assignments (small, medium and large assignments)

> Reseller relationships to distribute my products throughoutrepparttar 129808 world Consider this: I have never taken a business course. (I used to be a music teacher.) I didrepparttar 129809 copy and original design on a primitive computer with no hard drive (it's amazing what you can do with floppy disks). Every day brings new possibilities and opportunities to this booklet journey. I have had a web site for a few years now, and, like every web site, it is forever evolving. The latest addition has been an e-booklet catalog which sells other people's booklets as digitally as fully automated downloads.

I can hardly imagine what results will show up next!

Paulette Ensign Tips Products International 12675 Camino Mira Del Mar #179 * San Diego, CA 92130 voice: 858-481-0890 * fax 858-793-0880 Paulette@tipsbooklets.com * http://www.tipsbooklets.com Visit All About Booklets Discussion Board and E-BOOKLET CATALOG.

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