Writing for People and Search Engines

Written by Jennifer Ryan

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There is a really good explanation for why headers exist, but I don't have time to tell you. For your purposes of writing forrepparttar search engines, just know they are mega important for optimization. H1 - This isrepparttar 151123 title of your article. H2 - This isrepparttar 151124 sub-title of your article. Keyword Proximity in Headers As if it couldn't get any worse, would you believe that where you placerepparttar 151125 keywords in your title is bigtime important? It is true. To score more points with search engines, place keywords and phrases atrepparttar 151126 beginning of your titles and paragraphs. Keep unnecessary words out ofrepparttar 151127 titles. This is a very delicate issue, especially when you consider that keywords aren't always good forrepparttar 151128 human palate. Therein lies our dilemma. Who do we writerepparttar 151129 title for? People or search engines? Well,repparttar 151130 answer my friend ... is BOTH. Yes. If you don't write for both, you're defeating your purpose. Why would you write something that repulses people, but that search engines love? Some SEO people do this. Gross. First, write a title that search engines love. Then, use your noggin to write enticing words drawingrepparttar 151131 reader into your copy. Here's how I do it.

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10 Ways to Make a Lot of Money with Your Website See? Don't give up having a compelling title forrepparttar 151132 sake ofrepparttar 151133 search engines. (God help us all.) What good is having alot of traffic to your site if no one can stand to read your copy. To see an example of this on a live site, look here: http://www.internationalbcs.com/ibcs-payment-performance-guarantees.htm. Compelling Titles and Headlines According to John Caples, there are five rules for writing headlines: Self Interest. Your titles need to speak torepparttar 151134 self-interest ofrepparttar 151135 reader. People just want to know what's in it for them. News. If you have news, get it in your headline. Curiosity. Don't let curiosity drive alone. Pair it up with other headline writing techniques. No bad news. Avoidrepparttar 151136 urge to paintrepparttar 151137 negative picture inrepparttar 151138 headline. Be positive. Quick and easy. Showrepparttar 151139 reader how there is a quick and easy way to get something that they want. Links onrepparttar 151140 Page The whole web is made up of links. Links help humans get aroundrepparttar 151141 web, but search engines use links too. Since both search engines and people userepparttar 151142 web differently, you need different types of links for both. General Search Engine Links: Search engines only index those pages on your site that are linked together. They use your internal links, such as your navigation bars to find their way around your site and make record of your pages. That's why it's important that your navigation be 100% text. Anchor Text Links: The anchor text link is a different animal. Anchor text effectsrepparttar 151143 page that it is linking to, not necessarilyrepparttar 151144 page that it is on. Your anchor text should consist of keywords. So, instead of making "click here" a link, you would make, get keyword here a link. Now, be careful here. Remember when a search engine zooms on your page, it followsrepparttar 151145 links. So, if you want it to read all your content, don't stick links arbitrarily inrepparttar 151146 page. Be strategic. If you want it to readrepparttar 151147 whole page, put your anchor text and any other links atrepparttar 151148 end. Usually, you can put anchor text links anywhere because it isrepparttar 151149 page you're optimizing for inrepparttar 151150 first place, so you don't care ifrepparttar 151151 search engine goes for a visit there.

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Tips on Having a Great Brochure Design

Written by Mart Gil Abareta

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As what Ive said, brochures are effective communication and promotional tools. They can be utilized to sell small ticket items through direct mail. When a brochure is intended to be a direct sales generator, it must be exciting and convincing. Brochure designs for direct mail business must also utilize white space around text and images sufficiently. Small ticket items are being sold to excite customers, not to hammer them with vast information about a certain product or service.

Indeed, brochures let businesses have full control on how to communicate to their clients. They actually work best when they are intended to a specific part of a market. And because brochure design is very necessary, most companies hire professional graphic designers and layout artists who will take charge inrepparttar design of their corporate brochures. This will help businesses to focus more on their core business rather than wasting resources on learning a new skill that isrepparttar 151042 designing skills.

This article was created for the sole purpose of propagating information that may be related to 4 Color Brochures Printing and other industries to which it may be of interest.

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