Writing for Mediocrity

Written by Heather Reimer

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5. Don't be afraid of large blocks of text. Readers see that dense copy and say to themselves: "Oh goody, I was just running short of things to read!"

6. Bury your lead. This is an old journalism trick practiced by old journalists who couldn't rememberrepparttar point of their story. This delightful writing style requires your readers to plow through a slagheap of details before reachingrepparttar 129842 "gold nugget". Internet users are patient creatures with nowhere else to go, so don't hesitate to ramble on and on aimlessly.

7. If you want your readers to take a specific action such as order a product or "click here", don't state that outright. Subtlety is best. Give themrepparttar 129843 benefit ofrepparttar 129844 doubt and assume they'll know what they're supposed to do.

8. Which brings us to tone. Your written tone of voice is very important. You never want your readers to suspect that a real live person is standing behind their words or, worse yet, standing behind their product. Just pretend you are a robot and repparttar 129845 writing will come much easier.

9. Consistently utilize a preponderance of gargantuan words, even in localities where a more diminutive congregation of characters would be sufficient. This method, employed with great success by lawyers, will convince your humble readers that you are infinitely smarter than they are and they will buy your product or service out of sheer gratitude.

By followingrepparttar 129846 above guidelines in writing your text, you'll be movingrepparttar 129847 world one step closer torepparttar 129848 day whenrepparttar 129849 entire web is a syntax-free zone and professional writers (like me) spend our days fishing cigarette butts out of bus station ashtrays.

Heather Reimer has been involved in print and electronic journalism for over 15 years and is currently the Creative Copy Editor for iGlobalMedia.com, a leading edge affiliate management company. You can visit them at www.iglobalmedia.com.

The Monsters Out Of The Cage! - Part 1

Written by John Colanzi

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Where do you start?

You can start by writing short articles on your subject of interest.

The articles will accomplishrepparttar following things:

<> You'll be establishing yourself as an authority.

<> You'll be primingrepparttar 129841 pump. The more you writerepparttar 129842 easier it will get. The ideas will take over.

<> You'll be building your confidence.

<> You'll be building an audience. They're pre-sold on your ability to cover your subject in a competent understandable manner.

What can you do while you're building your audience.

Sell other peoples information products for a percentage of sales or buy reseller rights to related material.

You'll not only be funding your project, you'll be building a list of buyers who already know you only deal in quality products.

In part 2 of this article we'll cover how to cash in fast on a hot seller.

Wishing You Success

John Colanzi. John Colanzi publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter. To subscribe mailto:ezmailer-subscribe@listbot.com If you want to cash as an e-publisher and make 100% profits visit: http://www.internet-profits4u.com

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