Writing for Dollars - How to get Started

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

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P Write about what you know. It’s easier to “sell” and easier to write when you draw upon your own experiences and those of others you know. You could also write about a personal experience or a hobby you pursue (if it is newsworthy).

P Keep it simple – plain text, simple fonts, 12-point type are generallyrepparttar most widely accepted format.

P Use short paragraphs. Commercials use sound bites to keeprepparttar 136333 audience’s attention. Short paragraphs have a better chance of keepingrepparttar 136334 reader interested.

P Don’t over-punctuate. By this, I meanrepparttar 136335 use ofrepparttar 136336 exclamation point!!! or … or ??? mark. Overusing punctuation will make your words have less impact over time. And if you are submitting your articles onrepparttar 136337 Internet, these are often flagged as “spam” and may never even be read.

P Ask questions. Then answer those questions. This will keeprepparttar 136338 readers’ attention and interest.

P Bullets can accentuate your points. Since people read in sound bites, bullets helprepparttar 136339 reader absorbrepparttar 136340 information in bite-sized pieces.

P Use creative headlines to sell your message. Instead of “How to Write Articles,” use “Writing for Dollar$” or something more enticing. Send me a note with Headlines inrepparttar 136341 subject line and I will send yourepparttar 136342 article on Headlines that sell.

P Keep track and follow up. This gets more difficult over time, since your articles might be reprinted and you don’t even know it, unlessrepparttar 136343 publisher sends yourepparttar 136344 courtesy copy. Keep track of where you submit your articles, and follow up with editors to find out if and when they will be used. If editors don’t use your work, ask for feedback. This will help you become a better writer. Create a record for yourself ofrepparttar 136345 publication,repparttar 136346 URL (web address) andrepparttar 136347 name and contact information ofrepparttar 136348 person to whom you submitted your article.

P You can submit your work online to some of these more popular places. Keep in mind, there are literally thousands of ezines out there, below are just a few sites to submit your work.:







Never give up! Be patient. Asrepparttar 136349 saying goes, “timing is everything,” and editors and publishers are busy. If your content is good (and interesting) eventually someone will notice’ and you will get published. Once that happens, capitalize onrepparttar 136350 momentum and keep going. The purpose of writing articles is after all to get people to start talking about you. Oscar Wilde said “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” Make writing a part of your marketing plan and who knows, several articles later, you could berepparttar 136351 talk ofrepparttar 136352 town.

Excerpted from The PMS Principles - Powerful Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business © 2005 - Heidi Richards

Heidi Richards is the author of The PMS Principles, Powerful Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business and 7 other books. She is also the Founder & CEO of the Women’s ECommerce Association, International www.WECAI.org (pronounced wee-kī) – an Internet organization that “Helps Women Do Business on the WEB.” Basic Membership is FREE. Ms. Richards can be reached at Heidi@speakingwithspirit.com or heidi@wecai.org.

The Mobile Freelancer: Freedom to Make a Living from Anywhere

Written by Nick Usborne

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But be careful when you listrepparttar reasons why you absolutely can't work from anywhere other than your home or office.

How many of those reasons are absolutely unchangeable, and how many have you listed simply because old habits die hard?

* Is it truly impossible for you to work for a while from a rented house in Southern Italy?

* Is it absolutely out ofrepparttar 136206 question for you to rent a cottage inrepparttar 136207 country for a month or so?

* And is that dream you had about moving to Mexico or Panama really and truly impossible?

With any one of these options, you can plug your laptop in and keep working. And nobody need even know where you are!

>> Some more modest ambitions

Even if you don't want to use mobile technologies to make dramatic shifts in your life, you can still get out from behind your desk from time to time.

You can work fromrepparttar 136208 park, fromrepparttar 136209 beach, from a local coffee shop....from an airport, on a plane, from a city you are visiting. The possibilities are endless.

>> As a freelancer, you are free

That's what we are, we're FREElancers. And now we have access to technologies that allow us to unplug and work from just about anywhere.

Isn't there an opportunity here to make our lives a little more interesting and adventurous?

Nick Usborne is a freelance copywriter, author and speaker. For more articles and resources on making money as a freelance writer, visit his site, http://www.FreelanceWritingSuccess.com.

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