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Written by Daryl Clark

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This type of promotional e-mail can limit your costs of running a promotion, but they are harder forrepparttar consumer to redeem and they might only target a small segment of your Opt-In list. The first two options are probably more appealing torepparttar 109709 larger part of your customer base.

4. Sweepstakes

We all have seen sweepstakes offers onrepparttar 109710 Internet, so we won't provide an example here. Sweepstakes can create incentive for your customer to purchase, but they usually do not create urgency for a large segment of your list. Offering a free vacation or trip might be very appealing to you, but is this offer going to cause your customer to make a purchase today. If you decide to offer a sweepstakes, make sure you monitor your incremental sales that are generated. You might find that you only marginally increased sales vs. your regular monthly sales.

You have decidedrepparttar 109711 time frame of your offer and what you want to offer. It is time to write your e-mail! When writing your promotional e-mail, make sure you are trying to reachrepparttar 109712 broadest cross section of your Opt-In list as possible. As we stated earlier, your e-mail should promote, excite, educate or entertain.

Make sure your e-mail opens with an offer to unsubscribe. Many companies locate their unsubscribe notices atrepparttar 109713 bottom of their e-mail. You show your customers a great deal of respect, if you offer themrepparttar 109714 opportunity to unsubscribe atrepparttar 109715 beginning of your message. You also quickly eliminate customers that are no longer interested in your products of services.

Haverepparttar 109716 promotional portion of your e-mail asrepparttar 109717 next part of your message. This is where you make your money. If you have four items or services to promote, include them all. Make sure you provide a direct link in your e-mail torepparttar 109718 spot in your web site whererepparttar 109719 customer can purchaserepparttar 109720 promotional item(s). Do not make them go to your home page and navigate your web site to findrepparttar 109721 promotion!

The third component is to excite, educate or entertain your customers, by providing them with third party information that you have found onrepparttar 109722 Internet. If that information comes from a web site or web page, include that URL, sorepparttar 109723 customer can quickly access your information. If you excite, educate or entertain your customers, they will recommend your Opt-In list to others and your unsubscribe rate will be significantly lower than other companies that only promote their products.

In summary:

Using Opt-In e-mails for promotional purposes is one ofrepparttar 109724 most effective and most affordable advertising strategies available to any web entrepreneur. Make sure that you promote, excite, educate or entertain and your Opt-In list will continue to grow and so will your sales.

Daryl Clark is President and CEO of EMarketingMan.com. His goal is to provide you with high quality information, management and internet consulting services. You can read his other articles at http://www.emarketingman.com/articlespolicy.htm. E-mail to: emarketingman-subscribe@topica.com


Written by Tiburon Technology

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Now that you understandrepparttar nature of URL submissions, I think you can appreciaterepparttar 109708 value of at least one junk email account to be listed with any URL submissions. Internet marketers generally have at least one web-based email account to be used alongside their primary email account. This web-based account allows forrepparttar 109709 URL submission thank you emails fromrepparttar 109710 search engines and fromrepparttar 109711 FFA site owners to be received, while atrepparttar 109712 same time not junking up their primary email account.

While it is not possible to detail all ofrepparttar 109713 different reasons a marketer would use more than one email account in their Internet marketing activities withinrepparttar 109714 scope of this article, I will try to outline a couple more.

Take for example if you're using an ezine or newsletter to court your potential customer base. In most cases, you'd want to have a distinct email address to be used only for your publications. In this manner, when someone writes to you as repparttar 109715 editor of a publication, you might feel that is important to keep those contacts in a separate email account. More than anything, this is a matter of organization. It is often far easier to keep your business in order, when you have separate email accounts for each activity.

Another reason you might want an additional email account is repparttar 109716 rampant use of email harvesting software by spammers. Any email address used to submit a classified ad posting, a newsgroup discussion posting, or to be used on a website is a good target forrepparttar 109717 email harvesting software that is in use.

Withrepparttar 109718 subject of email harvesting software,repparttar 109719 addresses that you use, you might actually want to check from time to time in case there is really something important coming in amidstrepparttar 109720 spam flooding your email account.

The uses for multiple email accounts are as numerous asrepparttar 109721 activities that you might pursue onrepparttar 109722 Internet.

While there is value in employing more than one email account, there are also downsides. While quite a few of your email accounts will enable forwarding ofrepparttar 109723 mail to your primary address, this often defeatsrepparttar 109724 purpose of killingrepparttar 109725 mass of junk mail to your account.

Even though you have protected your primary email account fromrepparttar 109726 garbage mail, and you have organized your activities into separate email accounts,repparttar 109727 biggest downside is that you now have several of email accounts to monitor, and that takes time, lots of time.

Fortunately, there is a tool available to help you recouprepparttar 109728 time you have now lost maintaining these multiple email accounts. Withrepparttar 109729 ePrompterT software, you can now check repparttar 109730 email from your POP accounts and most of your web-based email accounts atrepparttar 109731 same time. What's more is that you can leave your ePrompterT running inrepparttar 109732 background and it can check mail from all of your multiple accounts, and through an icon inrepparttar 109733 Systray, you will stay abreast on how many emails you have sitting in your various accounts. ePrompterT will also permit you to read and deleterepparttar 109734 email sitting on your mail server, with only a few clicks of your mouse. There are far too many features in this handy little tool to describe them all here.

ePrompterT is freeware and can be downloaded from http://www.eprompter.com . ePrompterT isrepparttar 109735 great equalizer. It is now time to take back all ofrepparttar 109736 time you lost whenrepparttar 109737 FFA site owners and spammers convinced you that you needed to have more than one email address.

Tiburon Technology, Inc. is the maker of the ePrompter software. http://www.eprompter.com Use ePrompterT to keep up with your multiple email accounts through one easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use interface. Every computer should have ePrompterT. And it is FREE!!!

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