Writing a catchy CV

Written by Lieutenant Colonel Anil Kumar Nigam

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·'KISS' - 'keep it simple, stupid'. It should be simple and yet attractive.

·'If they didn't hear it, you didn't say it'. It simply means that you should so design it that a person should be able to catchrepparttar highlights of your CV even if he just scans through it, may be, just for a minute. The salient and important points must draw his attention instead of he searching forrepparttar 143864 main features of it.

What to include: CV should include following points positively: -

·Personal details ·Education ·Work experience ·Achievements ·Extracurricular activities ·Interests ·Skills ·References (only if asked)

Presentation is ofrepparttar 143865 utmost importance. Make sure your CV looks good: You must ensure that you: -

·Commit no spelling mistakes. ·Use good quality paper. ·Do not send curriculum vitae with spelling errors corrected by whitening fluid or by hand. ·Use proper margins and spend time formatting it properly. ·Sendrepparttar 143866 printed laser outputs instead of photocopying or otherwise quality ofrepparttar 143867 photocopying should be of very high quality. ·Don't lie even if it is a small lie. Usually such lies are about achievements, grades and marks or summer projects and are bound to be caught later on.

Special Tips forrepparttar 143868 Freshers: Your basic task is of communicatingrepparttar 143869 fact that your skills, school and college education work experience, achievements, projects and extracurricular activities - all add up to make yourepparttar 143870 right person forrepparttar 143871 job.

Interests Section of Your CV: Employers are looking for a balanced mixture of interests that are outlined by a few bullet points few examples are as follows. Just remember that any work, which you have done on your own, carries lot of importance and weight: -

·Voluntary work done at any stage and at any level. ·Team works. ·Organizingrepparttar 143872 events if any inrepparttar 143873 college or work place ·Any other activities

Author has 28 years of experience in the field of Teaching and Management. He is M. Tech from IIT Kanpur and has worked in different capacities including Signal corps Indian Army, Regional Manager for a Telecom Company. Currently he is Associate Professor with ITM, Gurgaon that is rated as best Engineering colleges of North India.

3 Important Moving Insurance Tips

Written by Ispas Marin

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Second Tip : Checkingrepparttar accuracy ofrepparttar 143787 inventory onrepparttar 143788 moving company sheet should be done, once beforerepparttar 143789 move and again whenrepparttar 143790 transport has reachedrepparttar 143791 final destination. You should look atrepparttar 143792 number and condition mentioned there. Onrepparttar 143793 day of delivery, in case you find broken items or find that items are missing you should leave allrepparttar 143794 broken items in their packaging and whilerepparttar 143795 movers crew is still there, create a list of allrepparttar 143796 damages and lost items withrepparttar 143797 in charge person fromrepparttar 143798 moving company,repparttar 143799 list should be file with your signature andrepparttar 143800 signature ofrepparttar 143801 person in charge. Callrepparttar 143802 next day to be surerepparttar 143803 claim has been reported. If damages are foundrepparttar 143804 next day, they should be reported ASAP.

Third Tip : Allrepparttar 143805 move related paperwork should be kept in a safe place until claims have been resolved, if you unfortunately have any. Make sure you carefully red all paperwork, bill of ladding andrepparttar 143806 property sheet, before you put your signature on them.

Knowing this three moving tips you will sure have a easy move.

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